Thursday, July 11, 2013

Changes at the shop.

This coming fall with mark nine years that I've run Milltown Cycles.  In that time we've taken a rather dismal business and built something that I think is pretty special.  I've met countless friends over that time, and have had the opportunity to experience some amazing things. I have to say that it's been one of the best ways to grow up that I can imagine.  It has been a truly incredible experience, one that I'm immensely proud of.

I have recently started another journey of similar proportions.  Earlier this spring I accepted, and last week I started, a new job with Salsa Cycles.  I am representing Salsa as their Western Region Brand Ambassador.   I am incredibly excited about my new role, and I look forward to the future with Salsa and QBP.  

Some rumors have been out there that the shop is closing.  This is not true.  The shop will continue to be open and operate as it always has.  I will of course have a diminished role at the shop going forward.  We will continue to offer exceptional sales and service provided by Curtis our manager and our professional staff.  I will be in the shop from time to time, and I can still be reached with questions or issues.  

I can't thank you all enough for the support you have provided me.  It's been a hell of a ride. 

Be well, 



Vito said...

Awesome news Ben and a huge congrats to you. Best of luck to you :) I still need to take a drive down to the shop at some point.

Unknown said...

Hell yes!!! Ben, Mike told me last night. I had little idea that this was in the works for you but I cannot imagine a better direction for someone of your expertise and creativity to move forward. Milltown has grown up so much since the time I bought my Specialized Vegas from the old management. All of the improvements made and the beautiful transformation the shop has went through have always left me in awe. Your shop has been a welcome place for anyone no matter the skill set, or experience level. I want to thank you for taking the leap of faith you did all of those years ago, and for turning Milltown into the grown man/womens candy shop it is today. I am so pumped for the future with the little Witt on the way and the new country you will be experiencing. Also, thanks for helping me find some of the most wonderful bikes I have ever owned. I have much faith this new leap will only elevate you in your journey. Hip hip huzzah! - J.Ebling

Ben said...


You'll be great.

Bob K said...

Good for you Ben! I wish you well and I'm sure Curtis will do a great job running the shop.
Bob K

Guitar Ted said...

Congratulations! (Well, I knew about this, but you know- congratulations on finally getting it a sewed up and starting!)

Hope all is well....

Kathie said...

Life is such a journey! ?.Make the changes when you are young. it sure seems like the older you get the more you like ruts, at least I do.! Good Luck and congrads on the new position!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ben, that is fantastic news.

Anonymous said...


Best of luck to you in your new position. Must be exciting. Milltown is a great shop, and I am sure will continue to be under Curtis. I also have some of my best bikes ever because of Milltown Cycles and you guys. Good luck to both of you.

Mark W.