Thursday, February 14, 2013

Studded Moonlander Afternoon

I finally got fed up with the ultra icy conditions.  Over the last two days I sunk 232 sheet metal screws into a set of Surly Nate fatbike tires and mounted them on my Moonlander.  The resulting performance was unreal on today's ride.

I'll have a write up tomorrow, but sufficed to say I'm thrilled.  They work exceedingly well paired with the Clownshoe 100mm rims on the Moonlander.


Anonymous said...

I'm eager for the detailed write-up! Please include some pics, if possible. I'm also interested to hear how the Nates felt compared to BFLs on the Clownshoes.

Ben Witt said...

I've put a post up about how I studded the tires with photos today.

The Nates feel much more surefooted and stable on the Clownshoes than the BFL's. That's primarily because the sidewalls are much more supports on the wider rims, and with these specifically the 27tpi sidewalls are stiffer than the bigger, softer sidewalls on the BFL's. You of course lose the footprint of the BFL's and the lower pressures they allow without sidewall deformation.