Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Fatbike Sale

Starting now through Saturday, all in stock fatbikes are 10% off.  Our current inventory is as follows,

     -Mukluk 3's in Orange, XS-1, M-2, XL-1

     -Mukluk 2's in White/Green, XS-1, M-2,

     -Beargrease Completes, L-1, XL-2,

     -Necromancer Pugsleys, M-2, L-1,

     -2012 Moonlanders, (Straight fork,) S-1, L-1,

     -Pugsley SS, M-1,

Now's a great time to pick up a fatbike!  With a great round of fresh snow there's plenty of winter left to enjoy!

Curtis and I will also be riding in River Bend tonight.  We'll leave from the shop as normal at 7pm.


Larry Sauber said...

Milltown Ben... We need to ride/ discuss details on LML...

When's your next shop ride?

Ben Witt said...


We're planing on riding tonight at 7pm. Might be a short one depending on conditions, it's really icy here still.

Let me know when it works for you to come down here, or when you have free time to discuss the event.