Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Salsa Titanium Fargo

Our first Salsa Fargo Ti came in late last week.  This bike's a stunner.  This bike is an out of the box dream bike.  From bike packing to gravel riding, commuting to mountain biking, the Fargo is the most versatile Salsa you can buy.  This years ti Fargo has undergone a few big changes.  Drivetrain components and shifters are now Sram's 10 speed kit, operated by integrated brake/shift levers.  This is quite a change from last year's Shimano XT 9 speed kit operated by bar end shifters.  The overall looks is meaner and decidedly more modern.

I'm pleased to see this switch to this set up.  It mirrors what I use on my personal Fargo, and I love how it all works.  The simple double up front with a wide range cassette in back easily covers all of the terrain I ride, and it functions very well.  Blue is the highlight color on this year's ti bike.  It's seen here in the blue brake rotors, skewers, nipples and XO trim.

This year's ti bike makes the switch to a 44mm headtube just like the steel models.  The bike comes standard with an external cup lower.  This means you can pick up a superlight Whisky carbon fork, or a tapered steertube suspension fork and drop it right in.

Another big upgrade this year is in the hubs.  This year's bike comes stock with DT's excellent 350 star ratchet hubs.  These are a huge step upwards compared to last year's Shimano XT's.  These are lighter, they roll much better, and they are far more durable.  They cost more, which is part of this bike's increased price. In my mind it's easily worth the difference.  This bike is ready to go right from day one!

 I'm pleased to see the bike retaining the Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost.  I love this seatpost on long rides, especially loaded.  It moves just enough to take the edge off larger bumps, and makes long days in the saddle much more enjoyable.  The smooth ride of the titanium frame paired with this post was heaven on my bike packing trip in California last year.

It's another great year for this gorgeous bike.  Salsa's spec has made the already great bike bike even better.    Stop in today to check these out, or give us a call if we can answer any questions about these for you.  We're looking forward to hearing stories about where these bikes will take people!

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