Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mid week musings.

Now that we've entered the doldrums of mid-winter, lots of little projects are finally getting done around the shop.

Upstairs were working on our new Project One display and a new consumer computer kiosk. There's painting to freshen up dirty walls, and we're working on a new local ride information center as well. These will condense riding information, bring up the shop appearance quite a bit, and make accessing items and information online much easier in the shop.

Downstairs new fixtures are being built to clean things up, and I'm continuing to work through my personal list of bikes to rebuild. Up on the list yesterday was my Ti Fargo. It was pretty rough after our California tour, and has received very little loving since then.

The brakes on this bike have never worked up to my standards. The cables were lackluster and flexed, and the rear brake had no adjustment left after a OTB crash in a river wash. Since I've been riding this as my main mountain bike and gravel road tourer, I opted to swap the brakes to Mtn BB7's and long pull levers. This set up greatly improves braking performance, at a slight ergonomic downturn. The hood shape on the Tektro long pull levers is not as comfy as the Avid levers they replace.

The drivetrain has help up amazingly well on this bike. The combination of XT crank and front der paired with a SRAM Type 2 X9 rear derailleur and Sram bar end shifters is near perfect in my opinion. Only the shifters needed a little cleaning out, as ultra fine dust had made shifting a bit gritty. Triflow and a soft rag made short work of that, and they popped back together good as new.

I finished putting the bike together last night. Save for the bar tape, which will happen this morning, it's ready to rock. With the Whisky carbon fork installed it's a thing of beauty. I'm excited to start riding it again. With the warm weather coming to kill what precious little snow we have, I think the Fargo will come out very soon.


Vito said...

I have to figure out a way to get a Fargo in my stable:)

Ben Witt said...

It's my go to bike for so many things. I love the bike, especially in Ti. ;)

Joe Dirt said...

Did you ever post the rest of your CA Fargo tour? If so I missed it. Add that to the list of projects?