Monday, July 30, 2012

Custom Bike Build: Mark's Pofahl Fat Tired All Road Bike.

This isn't Mark's first Pofahl.  About a year ago we built this bike for him.  The bike was such a success that Mark decided he wanted a geared version, but with room for bigger tires and finders.  We designed the bike around a few specific parts, namely Paul Components' lovely Racer brakes, and Velo Orange's hammered alloy fenders.

The driving concept behind this bike was to build a classically themed all road bike.  In this case, we took that to mean a bike with large tires, one that could go on any road, tar or gravel.  A comfortable, stable, good looking example of a neoclassical, go anyway steed.  I think we hit that mark very well.

Salsa's new Pro Road handlebar and Pofahl's 4 bolt custom stem keep everything together up front, and look great.  Routing the front brake cable over the stem adds a nice asymmetrical look, while making the cable run to the front brake much smoother than the alternative.

The Pro Moto 2 bar uses a similar drop to the Cowbell, but it is slightly shorter, and does not flare out to the sides.  It's a very comfortable bar, I think you'll see a of of these on the road soon.  Shimano Ultegra 9 speed was used for the bulk of the drive train components.  It fits the look of this bike well.  Salsa's natural colored gel bar tape matches the tan sidewall tires, and continues the look of elegance to the bike.

The Racer brakes from Paul are simply awesome.  The clearance is huge, easily fitting these 33.3c tires and 45mm fenders.  The brakes are mounted directly to the frame, as traditional centerpulls used to be.  They are hugely powerful, easily rivaling Paul's cantilever brakes.  The look is much cleaner aesthetically.  I'm dreaming of a 29er built around these brakes.  They'll easily fit a nice 2.1" tire!

The Velo Orange hammered fenders are a perfect match to the aesthetic of the bike.  They are a bit of a pain to set up properly, but job done they offer great coverage from a very rigid fender.  I love the way they look on here.  Black fenders just wouldn't do on this bike.

Mark's bike just has the right look to it.  It's classic yet modern at the same time.  It evokes a sense of the style of some of the French Breve bikes, without the Rivendell-esque weirdness.  The bike matches Mark's position from his standard performance road bikes.

This is one of the prettiest bikes I've ever had a hand in building.  I loved having it in the shop just to look at it.  The lines are gorgeous, the craftsmanship is stunning, and the overall appearance is just perfect.  I like everything about it.

This bike will work very well for Mark for a very long time.  It's a great example of what can happen when modern geometry and features are blended with classic build techniques and style.  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Huge Bike Sale!

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