Sunday, January 29, 2012

Personal bikes up on the block.

To make room for many upcoming project this spring I am selling a few personal bikes. Rest assured all is well, and the things that are coming are stellar!

First up, my orange Mukluk. I really like this bike, but an opportunity came up and this one's got to go to take advantage of it. $2750 as pictured on our blog with Revelate frame bag, gas tank, and seat bag.

Second, my Salsa Casseroll. $1850 as pictured on our blog last summer save for the bags. Killer bike, 21lbs and a ripper. This is getting replaced by an amazing Ti Fargo Kanza machine.

Third, our tandem. $3300 with the White Brother's fork, $2800 with a rigid steel fork. Bars and seat posts/seat are negotiable on this one.

As I said, all for good reasons. Please email with any questions.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shop Party.

We're going to have a party Saturday February 4th.  Things will get going at about 4pm, and will go until we decided to stop.  We'll have some food, some beverages, and a bonfire.  Past that bring yourself, your friends, your family, and your bikes.  We'll take it from there!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday Night Ride Photos.

Last night's shop ride was great.  Nine of us met in front of Goodbye Blue Monday in Northfield.  We planned on riding snowmobile trails for the first time this season.  These photos really represent my first attempt at night photography with the new camera.  I'm still learning, so bear with me there!

The night was a near perfect mid twenty degrees. The air was clear under overcast skies, and there was very little wind.  It was a perfect night for a fat bike ride.  Cold enough for the snow to be soft and light, warm enough to be bearable with very light clothes.

This is the back road through Sechler Park along side of Malt-O-Meals rail yard.  To the right of the posts in the photo is the multi-use trail that serves as a snowmobile trail in the winter.  Aside from a few foot prints we had the fresh snow to ourselves.

The 4-5 inches of snow on the trails was shockingly untouched by snowmobiles!  Lots of churning along going on.  It was a bit of a slog breaking trail most of the way.  It was huge fun!

 The hill across from Menard's in Northfield is challenging regardless of conditions.  With the soft snow it was darn near impassible.  Most of us could start and stop our way up towards the top, but the top pitch proved to me too slippery for any of us.  We had a heck of a laugh at the top discussing various techniques for how the hill could have been climbed, what equipment would have helped, and dreaming of what the downhill would be like.  We may ride this route backwards next Tuesday just to find out!

Coated fat tires in the yellow glow of the Tavern's security lights.  After a ride of nearly nine miles we were all looking forward to some refreshment!

We passed around a few pitchers of good beer, a few plates of nachos, and stories for the next hour or so.  It was a great night.

Thanks to all of you who joined us for the ride!  It's awesome to finally have enough snow to want to ride local trails around here.  So long as warm weather stays away we will be riding in Northfield again next week.  We hope to see you folks there!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Now the real work can begin.

We finally got our 1950 Chevy shop truck down to my father's garage.  Now the real work can begin to get the engine running properly.  The brakes all need a good going through, and then we'll be driving!  Just getting it here is a big step.  Things can happen pretty quickly now.   We're stoked.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hot Ride Ti.

I love how these wheels look on this bike.  Totally hot rod.  Happy Saturday everyone.

This is a totally kick butt bike.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Phil Wood Hub Sale.

Good Morning all.  I have a few Phil Wood hubs that I had intended on using.  That project has taken a different direction, and I no longer need the hubs.  These are available now for a killer price.

The disc geared, 100mm QR/135mm QR set is a new, not laced pair.  $415 shipped to the Con US.

The single speed, 135mm QR, disc rear is a single hub, lightly used in excellent shape.  $110 shipped Con US.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Custom Bike Build: Mike's Ti Mukluk.


We began talking to Mike about a Titanium Mukluk earlier this winter.  Like many other people, Mike bought a Salsa Mukluk from us last year.  After riding that bike all year in conditions ranging from actual snowy winter, to gravel spring, to mtb trails in the summer, Mike was looking to take his fat bike experience up a notch.  This bike certainly does that!


This build starts with Salsa's phenomenal titanium Mukluk frame.  This frame is lighter, and rides smoother than it's alloy counterparts.  It comes stock with Salsa Alternator dropouts.  This lets the user change chainstay length to match their riding style, and allows the bike to be run as a single speed if desired.  This frame is paired with a White Brothers Snowpack carbon fork which further refines the ride and cuts weight.

The drivetrain on this bike is a 2x10, Sram X9 set up.  Mike wanted trigger shifters which are paired with Sram's X9 rear derailleur and Shimano XT 10 spd double front derailleur.  These are quality components at reasonable prices.  They offer a lot of performance for the money, and they look great to boot.

White was chosen as the color for this build.  The theme is based on the limited edition Surly powder coated Rolling Darryl rims with white rimstrips.  The theme is carried through with white cable housing and a white X9 rear derailleur.

E13's excellent fat bike cranks combined with a Salsa Ring Dinger make for a great looking focal point for the drivetrain.  Big and black with sharp lines, these cranks look great against the Ti frame and white accessories. The black XT double front derailleur works great with 2x10 or 2x9 set ups on these bikes.

Overall I consider this bike a complete success.  It represents some of the highest potential performance a fat bike can get, while being visually very appealing.  As pictured here it weighs in at 32lbs even.  Not bad all  considering the standard weight Surly tubes that are in there.  With light tubes, (that are coming, currently out of stock,) this bike will easily be in the low 31 lbs range.

This bike is simply gorgeous, and will serve Mike very well for years to come.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Custom Wheel Build: Ron's PC'd Rolling Darryl Build.

Ron approached us last week looking for a new wheelset for his recently acquired Ti Mukluk.  We had the red set of limited edition powder coated Surly Rolling Darryl rims in stock.  Working with those as the start of the project we set about getting them laced up.  Black Salsa Mukluk hubs were chosen for their great value for the dollar.  The color scheme was chosen to highlight the rim color as the focus of the bike.  It should compliment the subtle graphics of the Ti frame really well.

As this wheelset is going to be used for light trail/mtb use and Ron is a smooth rider we went with ultra light DT Swiss Revolution butted spokes connected to black brass nipples.  The bright stainless color plays very well with the black nipples and black rim strips against the bright red rims.  I really like the look of these.

These wheels have a classic car, hot rod look to them.  They should pair really well with Ron's existing parts.  I am really looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Have a great day folks.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Custom Wheel Build: Light Weight/Bomber Chris King Set Up

Han came to us recently looking for a new set of mtb wheels for his mountain bike.  He was looking for something that would spin up well, have very fast engagement, and would feel solid and confident in corners and tech sections. The wheelset we came up with should easily fulfill all of those desires.

Based on Chris King ISO disc hubs in red, a 15mm QR front hub paired with a 10mm Fun Bolt rear add quite a bit of stiffness as opposed to their QR counterparts.  Both of these options add a little weight over the standard QR hubs, but weight at the very center of the wheel will never be noticed.  Chris King hubs in general aren't exactly svelte as these things go.  What they offer in terms of durability, serviceability, and initial quality easily out weigh that minor issue.

These wheels were laced with Sapim's industry leading CX Ray spokes.  These have an excellent reputation for being very light and resilient.  They build up amazingly well, and look great.  Red DT Swiss hex head Prolock alloy nipples carry the red theme through to the white Stan's Arch rims.  These rims are the standard for tough XC rims that take a beating at a very reasonable weight.

10mm Fun Bolts, they look as good as they work.

15mm front on the ISO through bolt hub shell.  Big bearings, big hub flanges, sturdy attachment.  It's the epitome of lightweight bomber.

This is about as good as it gets for this type of use.  The hubs will never wear out, and they look as good as they'll perform.  They'll offer an excellent mix of every day use reliability, at near racing wheel weight.  The attachment points will offer very solid purchase, and these will certainly pick up the performance of the bike they're meant for.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

1950 Chevy Shop Truck Update

Today marked a high point in our restoration of our 1950 Chevy truck.  Working with my father and grandfather this afternoon we were able to free the three stuck wheels.  The truck had been stored for some time with the emergency brake left on.  The cables that operated the e brake were stuck in place, and the brake pads were stuck on.  After removing three wheels and applying heat with a torches we were able free all the stuck brake drums.

We've had the truck running for a few weeks now.  After replacing a faulty fuel pump and adding a modern inline fuel filter it runs quite well.  The brakes are still in need of work, the master cylinder needs to be rebuilt in order for them to work properly.  Regardless of this fact, I couldn't stop myself from driving the truck with all wheels now free!

I putted around the nearby soy bean field until the fuel filter clogged.   With the local Napa store closed, we left the truck where it stopped.  I'll swing out tomorrow morning and change the filter out to get it back where it belongs. 

 Next we'll tackle the brakes and it'll be safe to drive around town.  That done and it'll be on to body work and things like belts, hoses, and engine work.  I'm excited to get to work on these finer parts.  With any luck I'll meet my goal of driving this to QBP's Frostbike show in late February! 

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Triple D Race Ready.

The Triple D Winter Race is coming up in just over a week.  I can't say that I'm terribly prepared physically, but at least my bike and gear set up is ready.  For those who don't know about this race it's a blast.  It's comprised of bike, ski, and a running event.  There are various distances for the running events, but we've concerned with the bike event specifically.  It's set at 100k, and has proven to be a very hard race to a moderate ride depending on conditions.

Lance Andre talks about the race in specific here.

We're going down with our merry troop.  We had a blast last year, and despite the lack of snow we're really looking forward to the event.  We hope you can join us for the event.  It should be a great time. Registration is still open for all catagories.

Check that out here.

My bike set up is pretty much as it has been of late.  With conditions going to likely be nearly snow less and possibly wet and muddy, I decided that Big Fat Larry's were not necessary.  I've set the bike up with the recently released 45 North Hüsker Dü's.  They look and ride great.  I think they'll be a perfect tire for the mixed conditions likely to be encountered on the route.  I may drop a bag or two depending on what extra clothing or food I decide to bring.  I got it figured that a seat bag probably won't slow me down too much though.

These tires on the Rolling Darryl rims are a nice fit.  We've set these up on the 65mm Marge Lites, which they look perfect on.  If I had a set of wheels built with those on them I'd probably run those on this race, as they are over 200gms lighter per rim.

I really like these tires.  I was impressed when I rode them this fall, and I'm really looking forward to actually putting real miles on them!

Whether this race goes well for me or not, I know the weekend itself and the event should be a blast.  We hope many of you can join us in what promises to be a great time.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Custom Wheel Build: Go Fast, Go Easy Puglsey Wheels

Derek contacted us this fall looking for a set of all around light weight wheels for his Puglsey.  He wanted something that would be lighter than the stock wheel set up, built with hubs that rolled much freer.  These wheels were to be used as year round wheels, mixing snow/winter/light mtb'ing for uses.

We started this build as we often do.  White Industry hubs in their SS Eno, and geared MI6 were used on this build.  They are classically elegant, and offer a huge amount of performance for the dollar.  Up front the SS hub will have a freewheel on it for a safety wheel swap capability.  The hub will be converted to QR as soon as the adapters arrive.

Out back the venerable White MI6 hub provides a super smooth freehub mechanism along with quite reliability.  Oh yeah, it's looks really nice too!

These wheels are laced to Surly's new 65mm wide Marge Lite Rims.  There will be no float lost over Derek's stock Large Marge wheelset, but these will be 2 full lbs lighter!  Sapim Lazer spokes combined with brass nipples further reduce the spun weight, while not sacrificing much in the way of strength.  The silver/silver/silver color combination against the blackness of the rim and bright blue rim strip looks amazing.

This set up is a ready to rock Pugsley performance wheeset.  They cost under $700 as pictured, and weight a hair of 1200 grams per as pictured.  Wheels and tires are everything on fat bikes.  A set up like this easily take the performance of a Pugsley up a notch in a huge way.  We have these rims in stock now, as well as the new 45 North Hüsker Dü tires.  Give us a shout if these are something you're interested in!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Thank you.

I would like to take a bit of time to thank all of our friend's and customers for a phenomenal year in 2011.  Curtis and I are truly grateful for your friendship, business, and for all of the good times we've shared this year.   We held more rides this year than we ever have, and they were attended in greater numbers than they have been in year's past.  We were able to makeover nearly the whole shop last  year, making our business space much more refined and bright.  2011 brought us our best sales year ever, thank you for your patronage.  These and so many others made this last year special.  Thank you all for helping to make our year great. 

Along with all of the good, this year it was a year of tragedy.  Curtis and I lost three good friends this year.  They are sorely missed.  I would sincerely like to thank all of you who helped both Curtis and I through these times of struggle, I can't thank you enough.

Looking forward, 2012 is full of life and promise.   We are looking forward to many new opportunities both personal and professional.  There are many exciting things yet to come in the way of new products, new renovations to the shop, along with new rides and experiences to be had.  Mindful of things past and places been, we invite you to continue the ride along with us. 

Thank you all again, and here's to a great new year!