Thursday, December 27, 2012

New bike project planning.

I'm taking a slow day to put mouse to BikeCAD to draw up a Rice County special Monster Cross bike.  This one will turn into a project early this year that I've been wanting to start for a very long time.  It'll be a bike for myself that shares things I like from many bikes in my collection.  Color me excited!

The general concept of this bike is to fit 700c x 45-50mm wide/tall tires, slack headtube angle and way low BB for stability, paired with a short wheelbase to keep handing reasonable nimble.  Wrap this all up in a classically build, aesthetically old school package with stunning modern parts.  There are a few bikes that get close to my proposed set up, including Singular's Peregrine and Black Mountain Cycle's Cross Bike.

The idea was kicked into motion by these bikes from Bruce Gordon.  Mine will be similar in concept, but different in geometry and in one other very big way.  These bikes are to die for good looking, and incredibly functional in set up.

Check out these bikes on Bruce's blog.

I can't wait to start this project.  Timeline for completion will be somewhere in early spring. I'll have updates along the way as I have them.


joe said...

Sounds like what I've been wanting also. I'd go with IGH and belt drive for my personal ride. But then I'm hooked on belts.

Ben Witt said...

Joe, that'd work if belts float your boat. A set of dropouts would be the only thing you'd need to change to make that work for what I'm thinking.

Anonymous said...

How do you get a short wheelbase with a slack HTA and 40-50mm tire clearance? Shorten the effective top tube and lengthen the stem?

Ben Witt said...

It's a lot of little things that all add together. The ETT will be about 565mm, with a stem length of 100mm for use with Cowbell bars. This is about ideal for my personal fit. With a wheelbase of around 1045mm, it's short compared to my Fargo, but about 20mm longer than my All City Nature Boy.

JFCooper said...

Nice add a slope on the top tube and bring the bottom bracket up, I like 175 cranks.

Ben Witt said...

JFC, funny, I want a close to level TT and a lower bb for my uses! I have several higher bb, drop bar 29ers that fill the more mtb role for me.