Friday, December 14, 2012

Monday Morning Fatbiking.

Monday was perfect for fatbiking.  The weather was still cold enough to preserve the light weekend snow, and the light was just gorgeous.  Meg and I took our friend Alli out for her first fatbike ride.  Conditions could not have been better.

The light and long shadows were awesome.  We took a fair bit of time and just rode around through the powder snow around Teepeetonka park along the Straight River.

A few snowmobiles had ridden on the trails leading into River Bend.  There are several snowmobile trails that lead through River Bend.  They make perfect access roads to get fatbikes into the park.

The atmosphere was quite different once in the woods. The sky clouded up, and the light changed to a more subdued tone.  The snow still clung to the trees and bushes, offering a true winter wonderland to play in.

Alli rocked it.  I'm glad she got to experience the best fatbike conditions I've seen in a long time.

Meg had a blast on her Mukluk with Big Fat Larry's.  Her bike is set up just like my Beargrease.  It's a combo that works well in a variety of conditions and certainly did Monday.

As well as they work, even this set up slides out from time to time!  At least Meg had a soft landing!

The ride couldn't have been better.  Great friends, good bikes, and a trip through River Bend once again made for an amazing day.  I'm looking forward to more days like this to come.  Here's hoping for colder weather again with more snow to acommpany it!

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