Thursday, December 06, 2012

Domane Tire Clearance

A few folks asked yesterday about real world tire clearance on the Domane.  Here are some shots of tire clearance front and rear.  The tires shown are Bontrager 25's that actually measure 25mm wide inflated to 90 psi.  The front shows more clearance than the rear, but not by much.

Either end would fit tires in the measured 30mm range pretty easily.  The dual pivot Dura Ace brakes actually limit clearance here more than the frame and fork, as the pivots intrude into the available space a bit.


Anonymous said...

How about down between the chain stays in the rear?

Ben Witt said...

I don't have a photo, but clearance is more generous down there. There's 7-8mm of clearance on wither side of the tire at the widest point, and about 15mm of clearance on top of the tire towards the BB.