Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So this happened.

So here's a genuine JRA for you.  Curtis was riding our demo Moonlander shod with new Bud and Lou tires.  While riding arguably the tamest limestone path in the Nature Center he hit this stick.  The results were rather shocking!

The chances of this happening have to be astronomically high.  It's just staggering if you think that this small stick made it through the tire, both sides of the tube, and the rimstrip itself.  The hole in the tire is small enough to be easily repaired, and the rimstrip will simply be shifted over to cover the holes.  This will likely go down as the best flat I've seen in a long time!


Larry Sauber said...

That's the same thing that happened to me resulting in my visit to your shop the other Sat.

Only I didn't think that'd happen to a Surly.

Always carry backup stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving. Will be in touch as life gets back on track.

Doug said...

I read about this same thing happening last month on somebodies blog from the Twin Cities (I don't remember who). A group ride in the river bottoms resulted in a stick going through a rim cut-out. So that's twice...and I just got new wheels with cut-out Rolling D's for my old Pugsley .

Ben Witt said...

Larry, yup, stuff happens. It was crazy to watch, just the perfect case of weirdness.

Doug, I have also heard of it happening, though this makes 3 cases. Having personally ripped 3 29er tires this season, I know for a fact that tire problems happen all the time. I think these get more play because of the costs involved. I'll fix this one and it'll be fine.

I should make it clear that the rim design had nothing to do with this puncture. The stick came up through the tire. Had there been no cutouts, it would have still torn through the tire and inner tube.

Brett said...

This one went through the cut out.

Josh Spice said...

I had the same thing happen on my custom-drilled FlatTop 100s! I was bike-joring with my huskies and crashed, the bike flew, and a cut-off stick in the ditch poked right through the rim strip & tube. Who'da thunk it, 'ey? I thought the same - one in a million.

Soupboy said...

Punji trap?