Thursday, November 29, 2012

Papa's got a new pair of shoes.

Quite a few years ago now Trek had a partnership with Nike for cycling footware.  They made a shoes called the Poggio.  It was a minimalist road shoe with little padding, a slim profile, and three straps instead of a ratcheting buckle.  I had a pair and loved them.  They were the most comfortable cycling shoes I've ever wore.  

A few years ago Bontrager introduced a set of shoes based on the same concept as the Poggio's were.  A lightweight, trimmed down performance shoe with minimal everything.  I've wanted a pair of them ever since.  Having worn out my current road shoes, I finally have a good reason to get a pair.  The Race XXX Lite shoes come in a few different versions and several colors.  I like these the best! 

There's no two ways about it, these are brighter red than a bloody graphic novel.  The standard version of these come in a more conservative black or silver.  These shoes feel like putting on a second sock, and the weight is something to feel for sure.  I'm very much looking forward to putting some real miles on these this year.  As with everything Bontrager offers, these are covered by their unconditional 30 day guaranty. 

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