Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New road bike on the way.

We talk a lot of fat tired bikes here.  It's no secret that the bulk of our customers come to us for such bikes.  Whether they are fatbikes, mountain bikes, or gravel bikes, we've come to be known as a shop who builds fine examples of each.  That said, we also ride and build great road bikes!  

I had a blast this summer riding on the road.  Between my geared and singlespeed Madone I enjoyed some of my most memorable rides of the year.  From riding around Duluth in search of the best espresso, to before work rides around Rice county lakes, the bulk of my miles this year were on asphalt.

I've been riding Madones for years now.  I love how responsive the bikes are, and how solid they feel under power and through corners.  The Madone is a play bike, a classically quick and nimble. This summer I got the chance to ride Trek's new Domane.  This is Trek's new endurance performance road bike.  Ridden by their pro team in the spring classics, by Fabian at le Tour, and even to a win at this year's Gravel Worlds, it's at it's best ridden in all kinds of situations.

The Domane utilizes a small axle and a set of bearings that detaches the seat tube from the top tube and seat stays.  This is the heart of what makes the Domane special.  By isolating the seat tube this way the seat tube can flex along it's entire length.  The comfort this adds over even small bumps is huge.  I'd say this is actually the most innovative thing Trek has come out with in years.  It's really quite simple, and it works exceedingly well.  To sum up the Domane, it feels like a lower, longer, comfortable and more stable Madone.

I love how this bike rides.  It's a great fit for how I like to ride road bikes.  It's stiff, efficient, and very comfortable.  I ordered this Project One Domane yesterday.  Mine will come with Bontrager's new tubeless wheels and tires, and it'll be speced with Shimano's outstanding new Dura Ace 11 speed group.  I also got a chance to ride this new grouppo this summer, and I was really impressed with how it performed.  After riding the best from Sram, Campagnolo, and Shimano in the past, this is hands down the best performing parts kit I've ever used.  Shifting takes far less physical movement and force, and braking is simply the best I've ever felt.

The Domane is due here in about two weeks.  Through the Project One program I was able to select bike color, drivetrain options, bar spec, and colors.  This is a great program Trek offers.  My preferred crank length, bar width, and stem length all differ from the stock 56cm, 6.9 Domane.  By changing these through P1 prior to receiving the bike I saved hundreds of dollars as opposed to making changes after the fact.

I'm really excited to get this bike.  It should be a heck of a machine.  If the weather holds like it has been, I'll be bundled up and headed for a test ride in about two weeks!

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