Thursday, November 08, 2012

2013 Salsa Beargrease

The first Salsa Beargrease framesets have started shipping to dealers.  Complete bikes are still a bit out, but are on their way as well.  I built this little guy up out of parts from the Mukluk I rode last season.

All else being equal, it's about 2.5 lbs lighter than my Mukluk with White Brothers carbon fork installed.  As it sits with pretty standard parts and Big Fat Larry's, it weighs in at 30 lbs on the nose.

I love the colors on this bike.  The bright blues against the satin black anno really pop.  The new alloy fork has come great lines to it, flowing from the new tapered headtube really well.

The fork clears the BFL's really well.  This fork will be available aftermarket, and will fit all 2013 Mukluks with the appropriate lower headset cup installed.  Did I mention it's good looking?

One of the major differences of this fork over the venerable, steel, Enabler is the lack of bottle or Anything Cage mounts on the back of the fork legs.  While this makes for a super clean look, it does limit the versatility of the fork.  Standard Enabler forks will fit in Beargrease set ups with the appropriate crown race.

The rear end of the Beargrease is also quite good looking.  As up front, BFL's clear quite easily.  I am running a truncated 10 speed cassette down to 8 speed in the rear, though this is largely for the better chainline it offers.  Graphics on the rear match really well to the front triangle of the bike.

This is going to be a great bike!  We have completes coming in all sizes that have yet to be spoken for, so if you're looking give us a call.  We expect the bikes to be arriving shortly, probably late next week.

Have a good one!

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Barnaby said...

I have a 2013 beargrease, i fitted it with bfl front n rear, no drivetrain modifications. And still have around 5mm clearance chain to tire sidewall in the granny-biggest cog 36t combo. No rubs climbing steep accents slowly. No plans on modifying drivetrain coz their were no issues. Love this bike! Most fun ride. N may i mentioned i live here in the philippines. But this bike is a blast to ride in the trails. Sold all my bikes and bought me this. Also have a moonlander with bud n lou tires. It is a tank.