Saturday, October 20, 2012

Signing off for the week.

Tomorrow marks the start of my biggest biking adventure ever.  I am heading to California to tour the route of the Stagecoach 400 endurance race.

This route features some of southern California's best scenery, and spans mountains, deserts, and coastal areas.  It's round about 385 miles, and features about 30,000 vertical feet of climbing.  I can't wait.

Photo credit to Jill Homer.

I'm both beyond excited, and rather nervous.  This is by far the largest bike packing trip I've ever taken.  It differs by  huge margins in both distance, and difficulty.  At this point my gear is set.  I'll be riding a beautiful Salsa Titanium Fargo set up with a suspension fork and my favorite Cowbell bars.  The bag set I'll be using is a full compliment of Relevate kit, with the exception of a Outdoor Research handlebar bag.  I'll run down a full gear list and my thoughts on how it all worked when I return.

I'm stoked.  This is going to be an amazing trip.  I'll tell you all about it when I get back!


Joboo said...

Good luck Ben!!

Vito said...

I'm out here in beautiful San Diego at the moment. Best of luck on your ride and I'm looking forward to reading about it and seeing the images you capture. Looks like you'll have nice weather.