Saturday, October 13, 2012

Demo Surly Moonlander Now Available.

To compliment our demo Mukluks, we now have a Surly Moonlander available for demo at the shop.  It is an 18".  Decked out Gaddo style with white rim strips and white cable housing it's quite the looker.

Chainrings differ slightly from the stock Moonlander ones.  This bike sports the lower gearing 33t/20t MWOD chainring offerings.

This build uses slightly different thumb shifters than the stock bike as well.  These XT seven speed shifters have been waiting around for a project just like this on.  They work wonderfully for this application.  

The front shifter required a little work.  The bolt had been stripped out who knows how long ago.  By drilling straight through the body, tapping the remaining portion, and flush filing a longer bolt the shifter was saved from the junk bin.  This new set up offers many more threads engaged at the clamp.  The small silver dot next to the shifter is the flush fit bolt.  Slick

These are great bikes.  With the current set up, and with the new super huge Bud and Lou tires coming, the Moonlander offers super float and crawling ability above and beyond that of a standard fatbike.  Come check out if this bike's for you today!


coastkid said...

Needing that 33/20t combo on my Moonlander to get it rolling where other fatbikes fear to go!.
Surly should have used it on the stock builds.
The Moonlander is an amzing bicycle.
Thats a nice build you have done,nice touch with the shifters.
There will be loads of returning customers with a big grin on that bike -:)

Ben Witt said...

I totally agree with the gearing comment. This bike's a crawler, the lower gear combo really makes use of that. For daily riding I have found the 20t to be a bit small on my summer fatbike running 45Nrth tires. With the larger diameter tyres, and with the upcoming Bud and Lou's specifically, I think the smaller set up will be ideal.

As a happy benefit, running the spaced out seven speed cassette in rear further increases tire/chain clearance over the stock set up, and provides a much more useable chainline.

CK, with your saline soaked conditions, swapping to this drivetrain set up might be a great thing! Gotta love Big wide $14.99 chains and $34.99 cassettes!

Tman said...

My old XT thumbies have been rocking the through bolt for 20 years, it is a fine fix and better than stock