Tuesday, October 02, 2012

2013 Salsa Mukluk 2

The 2013 Mukluk 2 from Salsa have arrived in all sizes at the shop.

This year's Mukluk has been changed in quite a few ways from previous generations. Starting at the front, the head tube has been changed to a 44mm unit from a standard 1 1/8" set up.  This will allow the use of the soon to be released ultralight Salsa aluminum fork.  That fork is standard equipment on Salsa's Beargrease.

It is a stunning bike.  The white and green color scheme is really striking, and the green highlights carried out throughout the build really tie everything together.  This year's bikes come stock with Surly Nate tires, as opposed to the Larry's of previous years.  These lend themselves to year round riding a bit more than the Larry's, and are killer for mountain biking or exploring.  These are the nicer 120tpi Nate's, so weight is pretty comparable to the nicer Larry's.

Drive train set up this year is a Sram 2x10 operated by triggers, with Avid BB7 brakes.  Cable routing for both systems have been improved, providing crisper shifting and especially better brake feel to the rear.

An updated double eThirteen crank comes with a better BB system.  Offset double rings akin to Surly's MWOD cranks solve any potential tire/chain interference issues.  Also, they look nice.

On a similar note, bottom bracket height is slightly higher on this year's bikes, eliminating a lot of potential pedal strikes.

A huge change to the Mukluks this year is the addition of Salsa's great Alternator adjustable dropouts.  This not only allows for a proper SS set up, but allows the rider to dial in chainstay length to their handling preference.  Specific racks for these bikes are coming in stock very soon, making rear bag or stuff carrying a lot easier as well.  Sram's excellent X9 rear derailleur and wide range cassette keep things out back working well.

Unlike the naked photos above, this set up shows you what any good Mukluk, (or other fatbike,) should look like properly set up!  Bag set from Revelate, pogies to keep you hands and food stuffs warm, and an OR handlebar drybag for shelter or whatnot have this bike set up for adventuring.  I love how these look all done up.

These OR Lateral dry bags are a new item in the shop.  They work exceedingly well as handlebar bags, and are quite affordable.  We have them in stock in the 10L and 15L: sizes.

So there you go, another sweet bike from Salsa for 2013.  As I said, these are all in stock now, come check them out or take one home today!


coastkid said...

Just shared your post on the Facebook UK fatbike page, as a lot of interest in the 2013 improved Mukluk 3

Some good changes, if a bit loud in the colour scheme!, guess it is ideal for snow races out there though.
We ride through alot of Nature Reserves and SSSI`s (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) on the coast where i live in Scotland and though allowed to, prefer to be a bit stealth in apearance and passing!

Anyway keep up the great posts you do, were watching over here in the UK -:)

Bruce (coastkid)

Anonymous said...

are the pogies the dogwood design?

fatbob29r said...

Do the OR bags have the harness system included? It appears to be a single unit... very interested in this.

Ben Witt said...

The OR bags easily attatch to the bars with their own compression straps. I'll be posting a specific blog entry about these. Rode with mine today for the first time all loaded, and it worked wonderfully. Very excited about this product.

Anonymous said...

What are those pogies?

Splitboarding Principal said...

hey bro- is the OR bag the 45 L?

Ben Witt said...

It is a 10L bag. Any bigger than the 15L and thing would get pretty ungainly.

Anonymous said...

Love the colour scheme ( Stealth is so boring).
Wish i could get one here in Japan set up with bags just like in that picture.
Unfotunately the link to Motocross International (the so called japanese distributor) doesn't seem to work and can't find any dealers!
I will have to work out how to order one elsewhere and get it shipped.
Question about sizing...I ride a Surly Troll 16" which fits perfectly and am about 5'6". I'm guessing I'd need a small Mukluk?
I am not a robot.

Ben Witt said...

I would guess you'd ride a small based on that info. I would email Salsa directly and see if they can direct you to a dealer in Japan. I know some of them are starting to look at fatbikes. Best of luck and take care!