Monday, October 01, 2012

2013 Purple Salsa Mukluk Frameset

2013 Mukluk framesets are available in two colors this year.  The first is the stock white and green of the Mukluk 2.  The second is only available as a frameset.  It's a deep gloss black bike with bright purple accents and frame decals.

It's pretty much a bad ass.

Pair one of these with Surly's limited edition purple Rolling Darryls and you'd be in business!

I love the lines on the extra small Mukluks.  The proportions are great, and they fit shorter stature folks really well.

Again, these are only available as framesets.  They are $699 this year.  These would make a great starting point for a new build, or to swap out an older parts kit onto.  Personally I really want to build one of these up as a singlespeed with dirt in mind, but that's just me!

We have these in stock in XS, medium and large.  We also have a few framesets in the white color in stock.  Give us a shout if you have any questions about a build, or if you'd like to get one coming!

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