Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2012 Fall Gravel Tour, Henderson Holler.

This Sunday, November 4th, we'll have our last Fall Gravel Tour group ride.  This one starts in Le Sueur MN.  We'll meet in the parking lot of the Pizza Ranch, 124 North 2nd Street, Le Sueur, MN 56058.  We plan to leave at 12 noon, so plan accordingly for time to get ready.

Cues are as follows.

0 mi                 Bridge St        
1.1 mi              Right on 336th St      
2.2 mi              Right on 324th St      
2.5 mi              Right to stay on 324th St       
3.5 mi              Left on 316th St        
5.8 mi              Right on Rush River Park Rd
8.3 mi              Right on 300th St      
9.7 mi              Right on Maple St      
9.9 mi              Right on Minnesota St           
10.0 mi            Left on 6th St
10.2 mi            Left on Main St         
10.4 mi            Right on Fort Rd       
11.3 mi            Right on 331st Ave    
13.0 mi            Left on 270th St        
15.6 mi            Left on 351st Ave      
16.4 mi            Right on Co Rd 65    
18.4 mi            Right on 371st Ave
20.1 mi            Right on 361st Ave    
24.3 mi            Right on 238th St      
26.5 mi            Right on 341st Ave    
29.0 mi            Left to stay on 238th St         
29.4 mi            Left on Scenic Byway Rd     
31.8 mi            Right on Faxon Rd    
32.6 mi            Right on Union Trail
34.3 mi            Right on 250th St
38.4 mi            Left on Salisbury Hill Rd      
39.2 mi            Turn around go back down Salisbury Hill Rd
40.0 mi            Left on Co Rd 51      
42.2 mi            Left on Henderson Station Rd          
42.7 mi            Right on Henderson Station Rd
43.5 mi            Turn around go back down Henderson Station Rd   
44.3 mi            Left on Co Rd 34/Henderson Station Rd     
44.4 mi            Left on Pumpkin Hill Rd       
47.0 mi            Left on US-169
47.4 mi            Right on Forest Prairie Rd     
50.0 mi            Left on Commerce St

Map My Ride course and GPX file can be found HERE.

This is a self supported group ride.  Participants do so at their own risk.  We will have cues day of, and the course will be physically marked.

We'll see you there!

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