Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Surly Colored Rolling Darryls

These lovely rims came in stock today.  They are Surly's 82mm wide, drilled Rolling Darryl rims in limited edition colors. Like last year, these are available in very limited quantities.  

Give us a call if you're looking for a set of these.  Whether you're looking for rims, laced wheels, or to talk about a build we'd be happy to help you out.


Joboo said...

Are those this years custom colors?
Did they do red again?


Ben Witt said...

Joboo, I don't know about red. These are the only colors I'm aware of. These are the custom colors released from Surly this year.

Joboo said...

That's what I thought; new year different colors.
Oh well, ya snooze ya loose.
Thanks for the quick reply!!

Chris Olson said...

What would it cost to build up a set of blue ones (sans tires) for my Muk?

Might be stopping down tomorrow from St Paul to pay you a visit. My wife wants a fat bike, and I'm thinking wheels for me.

Ben Witt said...

Chris, depending on hubs and spokes, these build up between $800 and $950 or so. We have Muk 2's and 3's in stock In most sizes, as well as Necromancer Pugs and Moonlanders.