Monday, September 17, 2012

2013 El Mariachi Frames

Along with our shipment of Mukluks last week, we received our first 2013 El Mariachi frames.  The Black and green coloring on these is one of my favorite El Mar colors in years.  It's flashy without being gaudy.

The wood cut Salsa logos look killer in the yellow and green.

We have a medium and a large in stock now.  They are $699 this year, and come with a direct mount front derailleur adapter included.


Vito said...

Holy crap!! That is going to be one nice looking ride for someone. Love that color combo:)

J-No said...

This is on my short list. Do you have one built up that I could try for sizing? I'm guessing I would fit on the 17"? 5'9" with a 30in inseam.

Ben Witt said...

Vito, it's sweet. I like it a lot.

J-No, you'd fit a medium well. We have an El Mariachi SS in 17" built you could try, no geared completes yet.