Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fargo Fun

I've got a heck of a few weeks coming up. Between work, play, and conferences these next 13 days or so will be nuts.

Today I'm riding my bike. I'm testing set ups for a tour out west this fall. I've got 25 miles in so far, and I'm hoping for another 100 or so. I'm headed to Lebanon Hills, and possibly Murphy to check out the bike loaded on single track. It should be a heck of a day.

Have a good one folks.


Bill said...

"Out West" is a big piece of real estate. Dare you be more specific? A lot of great Fargo riding out here. A least one of which Milltown has supplied. :-)

Ben Witt said...

We'll be touring the route of the Stagecoach 400 starting near San Diego.

Made it for 109 miles Friday. It was a great day on the bike.

davelees1 said...

Sound like fun Ben. By the way, which front shock is on that Fargo? Thanks!

Ben Witt said...

Dave, it was a blast. The fork is a G2 Rockshox Reba 100mm, standard QR fork. It works great.

Ian said...

Hi Ben:

After your trip, would you do a gear/setup blog entry for us aspiring bikepackers? With detailed pictures?

Thank you,


Ben Witt said...

Ian, I certainly will. Bike packing specifically is fairly new to me as well, so I still have a lot to learn. This trip will really sort things out as far as my kit is concerned.