Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday AM Gravel

Got out this morning for around 20 miles of gravel.  We met some of the Salsa crew and friends in Farmington, and rode through foggy roads into Umore Park.  The feel of the fog was really awesome.  Everyone had water droplets collection on their cables and frames before too long.  

The roads were in great shape.  With recent rain keeping the dust down, the surfaces were dead smooth and quite fast.

I want this bike.  Gnat's 2013 Ti Fargo with XT drivetrain and Whiskey Carbon fork.  Super good looking, lightweight, and smooth as hell.

I also want this bike.  E-Fred rocking his Ti Warbird at speed.  Sweet bike.

Nothing like a little Umore offroad to start a great Friday.  Thanks to the guys for a great morning!


Anonymous said...

Is this really a Fargo Ti 2013? I'm curious because it has the bar end shifters and I was under the impression that the 2013 Fargo Ti would have index shifters.

Ben Witt said...

This is a 2013 Fargo frame. It is a custom build that differs from the complete version. These will be available as completes and framesets.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I didn't know they were available already. Do you have them in stock? How does the frame compare to the 2012 version?

Ben Witt said...

I do not have any of these bikes yet, nor do any dealers. The men riding the Fargo and Warbird are employee's of Salsa Cycles, which is why they have the bikes.