Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday Night Ride Photos

We had a great ride last night.  Nine of us left the shop in perfect mid sixties temps with a cool breeze.

This field is about 3 blocks from the shop.  It's dirt from here on in to the mtb trails.

Graffiti makes for cool ride shots.

While not at a great photo, I love the feel of this shot.  The colors in the fading sunlight were gorgeous.

It was a ride filled will wildlife encounters.  The River Bend deer are almost tame.  These were feet off the trail, and stood here for minutes.

This guy was up a tree down the road from the deer a bit.  He was a big feller, and looked a bit groggy.  It was strange to see it out in the light so close.

I love this shot of Ken rockin the corners on the Mukluk.

The sunset was quite pretty from the Nature Center lookout.  Again, the colors in this light were awesome.

Retiring to the shop, we refreshed ourselves with a few beverages.  The beer was good, and the stories were great as always.  It was a a fabulous way to spend the evening.

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Larry Sauber said...

MTC- When I move to N Iowa (Lakeville) I'll be apt to drive or bike the 20mi South to Central North Iowa (Faribo) to check out your trails some night.

Looking forward to the day sometime this summer.