Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Morning Gravel.

Our morning gravel ride started out in two groups today.  Curtis met up with Nate and Matt in Northfield.  Logan and I have to work today, so we started from the shop in Faribault.  The plan was to leave at 6:30 from both towns and meet up at Valley Grove Church.  We figured the distance to the church was about the same from both locations.  

Logan and I got to ride Farmer Trail twice, never a bad thing!  The descent into green was awesome. 

Our plan worked better than hoped.  We all rolled up to Valley Grove at exactly the same time.  Our group was on quite a varied selection of bikes.  We had a Spearfish, a Karate Monkey, a Cross Check, a Gryphon, and a Fisher.  They looked quite the picture lined up in front of the now famous gate.  This was my first real ride on the new Singular, now equipped with one of my Revelate frame bags.  It's a super bike.  I'm really happy with it so far.  It rides very much like my Fargo, but in SS mode.  It will be nice to have to option to swap between the two.  

The hills from the church are great.  The gravel ranges from loose and sketchy to hard and hero like.  The one pictured below is an especially good one.  Yes, Curtis is riding 35c slicks on his SS in the background!

Logan was rocking his monster-crossed Cross Check with 50mm Bontrager tires.  I love that bike, it is so mean looking!

Back into Farmer Trail greenery.  The light and feel of this road have to be experienced.  It's just different somehow.  Nate aptly commented that it felt like a fairy tale forest.  Not a bad place to ride a bike.  I dream of mountain bike trails through these woods...

Anyone need a pony?  This is just off Coe Avenue outside of Faribault.  It's one of my new favorite roads. 

Rolling back into Faribault.  Wrapping things up with a fresh pot of coffee at the shop, for Logan and I it was a great end to the ride.  Curtis and the guys had to make the run back up to Northfield, a quick 13 miles in no wind.  It was a perfect morning to get out.  As the photos show, we had a great time.


Guitar Ted said...

Nice ride indeed! I was honored to be able to ride those roads once, and they are stellar.

That Gryphon is really something, isn't it? I really like mine as well.

Ben Witt said...

The bike is really nice. We are getting along swimmingly.

The roads are beautiful. We'll have to get you up here to ride them again soon.

martini said...

So I'm not the only one that stares off into the wood on road/gravel rides then, eh? Always looking for new possibilities....Glad you like the Gryphon. I love mine like I love a fine Rye.

Anonymous said...


It was nice to see you today. Thanks to you and your crew for the ride/camaraderie this morning, for sharing your prized gravel, and for the hospitality!