Friday, April 06, 2012

Shop redo progress update.

Our cornerstone repair to the shop has now been roughed in.  The building used to have old, horribly drafty, and broken windows in the back wall.  Long ago these were boarded up and sealed from the outside.  This contributed greatly to the long, narrow, cave-like feel the shop had for many years.  When our old door was in need of replacement we traded out for a larger glass door.  This let a ton of light in the back, and made a huge visual difference in the space.  Replacing the original window has expanded, and literally opened up a whole new world.

Viewed from inside, the window presents a totally difference scene to the back of the shop.  The dark back corner now seems wide open and bright.  This side of the shop faces dead east.  You'll be able to see the sun rise over the far trees every morning!  I can't wait.

Outside the window drastically changes the whole appearance of the back of the building.  Finish repair work including trim and stucco touch ups have yet to be done.  Even with those things yet to be done, it's a huge change for the better.  As seen here, the window dwarfs the back door for size.  The glass is nearly six times as much square area as the window in the door as well.

So, a big stem among baby steps.  This whole back will really shape up in the next few weeks.  Stop in and check it out for yourself!

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Larry Sauber said...

Biked down, bought me a gas tank, biked back up. Good gravel inbetween.