Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pofahl Fat Bike Redo.

A little over a year ago I had a fat bike built for me.  Mr Pofahl out did himself on this one.  Built around Salsa's Woodchipper handlebars, it's a unique bike built for the way I prefer to ride.  I loved the feel of the bike, particularly for normal mountain bike riding.  Truth be told I rode that bike more than anything else last summer and fall.  It's nimble nature and go anywhere, traction anywhere fat bike tires begged to be ridden fast and hard.  

For winter riding the bike and build had a few drawbacks.  The first was that it's nimble, quick nature handled quicker than I would have liked on snowmobile trails.  It was a joy on tight stuff, but wandered a little in straight line, loose or really soft conditions.  The other flaw was that I could not find a reasonable way to use pogies, (large insulated bar mounted mittens,) on the Salsa Woodchippers.  When the weather turned really cold, not having these proved to be a pain.  To address the issue I raised above, I built of my Mukluk as a dedicated winter bike this year.  Two bikes are always better than one right?

For all of that, the Pofahl really found it's home on dirt.  It railed corners, floated through rock gardens, and saved me from two well deserved, self induced crashes.  I love the position, aesthetic, and feel of this bike.  It's a joy just to ride and look down at, and it performs as good as I could have hoped.  With my winter set up solved, this spring was time to hone the Pofahl for straight up mtb duty. 

The heart of the change can be found here.  45 North Hüsker Dü tires mounted on Surly Marge Lite rims.  These are lighter than the previous Rolling Darryl set up, and Hüskers roll really well.  

The white rim strip pairs really well with the logo on the rim and tire.  It's a nice contrast to the bright green of the frame and blue of the hubs. 

I'm excited to get some miles under the new set up.  An already great bike, this should be even more fun to ride now!

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rideonpurpose said...

This thing looks awesome! I'm bringing mine... should be a fun ride tonight!