Friday, April 13, 2012

Go To Fargo Setup

I recently put up a big post on my new Fargo build.  This is how I set the bike up for longer days and commuting.  The aero bars are new to me, and I still haven't quite tweaked the set up just right yet.  I rode this bike set up a bit differently on my Arkansas trip.  The big bag was taken off in favor of a more unobtrusive endurance mtb set up.  The aero bars came off of course, and a pair of Revelate Mtn Feed Bags and a Jerry can went on.  This combination carries an amazing amount of stuff very efficiently in little space.  

This bike is very well mannered off road.  It has a super balanced feel, even through rough sections.  The whole bike is very confidence inspiring, and is quite comfortable.  Steering is quick without being overly so, and cornering and climbing traction are superb.

I have taken my Potts single speed down in years past.  This bike is a little different in set up, gearing of course, and in position.  The Fargo is set up lower and longer, where the Potts is more upright and shorter.  I was able to clear sections I have not ridden in the past on the Fargo, particularly climbs.  It did fall a bit behind the Potts in the truly gnarly rough stuff though.  Overall I wouldn't change much though.  I like this thing even more every time I ride it.

One of the standout components on this bike are the handlebars.  The Cowbell bars are easily the best all around bars I've ever used, period.  They are perfectly at home on road, gravel, and in mtb use.  I have to say that there are things I like better offroad about these than even Salsa's stellar Woodchippers.  I'm actually dreaming of a bar that actually mixes elements of both bars, more on that later.

The Fargo is a wonderful bike.  I've said that before, and it's still true.  The versatility, comfort, and capability it offers in one bike has no real equal.  I've just about got this new bike figured out, and it's just singing to me!  Gotta love that. 


Guitar Ted said...

Ya know- I bet you and I are thinking the exact same thing about an off-road Cowbell bar.

Glad you convinced me on the newer Fargo as well. You were so right about it, my fiend!

Exhausted_Auk said...

Love the cowbell bar on my Vaya! However, the bike came with a 44cm, and I may yet swap this out for a 46, for better control on loose gravel.

Anonymous said...

What about those rims...? What's the make and model?