Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Arkansas Black and White.

I spent last weekend with good friends riding in Northwest Arkansas.  It's one of my all time favorite places to ride.  This trip was as good as one's prior.  Great friends, amazing trails, and awesome weather made for a wonderful weekend.

Big light and long shadows.

Billy heading through the tunnel at Eureka Springs.  

Nathan cruising above Black Bass Lake.  

Ice cold mountain streams are as close to heaven as it gets on a ninety degree, humid as heck day.  I can't fully describe how good it felt to wallow here for a while.  

I love this shot.

Our crew ranged from just three, to six at one point.  The afforded conversation and camaraderie are highlights of every trip I take down there.   

Ripping along at speed.  The Salsa Cowbell handle bars are way good offroad.  I'll be doing a full comparison between these bars and Woodchippers.  So far though I love beating the piss out of these on hard singletrack.  

Overhung limestone and cedar trees make up a lot of the Ozark landscape.  The trails put you right next to both of these.  They fly past your face at what seems to be only inches away.

On the singletrack above Blowing Springs.  This is a new section of trail opened since I was last down.  It's to die for. 

Big permanent structures dot the trail systems down here.  The time, money, and effort put into these trails has to be seen to believed.  Everything is simply top notch.

I'll have a post later this week with some of the color photos from the trip.  Until then, a huge thanks to Nathan, Tina and Ethan for their generous hospitality, and to Billy, Corey, and Randy for the great ride days.


Brad Mitchell said...

What trail system(s) did you ride? Just the ones around Eureka Springs? I live an hour north in Missouri and spend many spring and fall weekends down in Arkansas riding. Can't agree with you more though, some of the best trails out there..

Steve said...

The trails look like fun. What are the names and locations of the trails in Arkansas? I'd like to travel down from St. Louis to ride them.

Ben Witt said...

Gentlemen, we rode the Slaughter Pen trail system, including the new Blowing Springs sections. We also rode around Eureka Springs, including the Black Bass Lake trail. We rode out at Hobbs State park as well. All three are stellar trails.

Nickel at Phat Tire Bikes in Fayetteville could be a good contact for you folks to make down there. He's quite knowledgeable about local trails, and it's a great local shop.

Michelle said...

Ben-thanks for all the great pictures. Billy always comes home and tells me all about it, so it's great to see what he is actually talking about. Look forward to seeing you again when you return. Michelle

Ben Witt said...

Michelle, it was a pleasure as always. Thanks for letting Billy come play! There will be more photos coming here, and Nathan has all of the photos from the trip. It was great to see you, and I look forward to getting back down soon!