Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Revelate Fargo and El Mariachi Framebags.

Revelate recently released their stellar frame bags to fit Salsa's El Mariachi and Gen 2 Fargo models.  Due to their flexible nature, these are interchangeable between like sizes of these bikes.

Here's a large Fargo Ti with the large frame bag installed.

Here's a shot of the medium El Mariachi Ti with the medium frame bag installed.

These are made with the same top notch, US sewn, kick butt construction of all of the other Revelate products.  We have these in stock now in all sizes.  They sell for $160, and shipping is very inexpensive if you need it.

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ZIO PIPPO said...

I'm looking for a new EM/FARGO frame bag (M size), but with no success
Could you help me

I'm an italian biker you can find me at veperri@yahoo.it
Please let me know

Thank you in advance