Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday Night Ride Photos.

Last night's shop ride was great.  Nine of us met in front of Goodbye Blue Monday in Northfield.  We planned on riding snowmobile trails for the first time this season.  These photos really represent my first attempt at night photography with the new camera.  I'm still learning, so bear with me there!

The night was a near perfect mid twenty degrees. The air was clear under overcast skies, and there was very little wind.  It was a perfect night for a fat bike ride.  Cold enough for the snow to be soft and light, warm enough to be bearable with very light clothes.

This is the back road through Sechler Park along side of Malt-O-Meals rail yard.  To the right of the posts in the photo is the multi-use trail that serves as a snowmobile trail in the winter.  Aside from a few foot prints we had the fresh snow to ourselves.

The 4-5 inches of snow on the trails was shockingly untouched by snowmobiles!  Lots of churning along going on.  It was a bit of a slog breaking trail most of the way.  It was huge fun!

 The hill across from Menard's in Northfield is challenging regardless of conditions.  With the soft snow it was darn near impassible.  Most of us could start and stop our way up towards the top, but the top pitch proved to me too slippery for any of us.  We had a heck of a laugh at the top discussing various techniques for how the hill could have been climbed, what equipment would have helped, and dreaming of what the downhill would be like.  We may ride this route backwards next Tuesday just to find out!

Coated fat tires in the yellow glow of the Tavern's security lights.  After a ride of nearly nine miles we were all looking forward to some refreshment!

We passed around a few pitchers of good beer, a few plates of nachos, and stories for the next hour or so.  It was a great night.

Thanks to all of you who joined us for the ride!  It's awesome to finally have enough snow to want to ride local trails around here.  So long as warm weather stays away we will be riding in Northfield again next week.  We hope to see you folks there!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ben/Curtis,

Awesome ride, fun time indeed. The weather was perfect, the trail was great fun, the BFL's worked excellent in those conditions, the food/drink and company were outstanding.

Mark W.

Anonymous said...

Your picture showed the different type of tire combinations on last nights ride. What tires seemed to perform the best in those conditions ?

Anonymous said...

Where did I read there is a possibility of developing knee problems from fat tire bikes? Have you heard of this? I think the e13 crankset was called out as the best bet to avoid the problem but have lost the reference.

Ben said...

In the soft, fluffy, untracked snow I feel the Big Fat Larry's had the advantage. I'd expect that. Mark looked like he was working considerably less hard than we were. In discussions with Mark afterwards he agreed.

I have certainly heard of people experiencing knee related issues with fat bikes. In the cases I know of, I believe this stemmed from a combination of over training, other exercise induced injury, clipless pedals, and not allowing for an appropriate adjustment time.

This can be avoided by slow acclimation to the wider q factor, (ie many small rides before attempting larger ones,) use of flat pedals and foot ware during that adjustment period, and frankly by simply easing into it. Far and away most people have no issue with the wider cranks.