Saturday, January 07, 2012

Triple D Race Ready.

The Triple D Winter Race is coming up in just over a week.  I can't say that I'm terribly prepared physically, but at least my bike and gear set up is ready.  For those who don't know about this race it's a blast.  It's comprised of bike, ski, and a running event.  There are various distances for the running events, but we've concerned with the bike event specifically.  It's set at 100k, and has proven to be a very hard race to a moderate ride depending on conditions.

Lance Andre talks about the race in specific here.

We're going down with our merry troop.  We had a blast last year, and despite the lack of snow we're really looking forward to the event.  We hope you can join us for the event.  It should be a great time. Registration is still open for all catagories.

Check that out here.

My bike set up is pretty much as it has been of late.  With conditions going to likely be nearly snow less and possibly wet and muddy, I decided that Big Fat Larry's were not necessary.  I've set the bike up with the recently released 45 North Hüsker Dü's.  They look and ride great.  I think they'll be a perfect tire for the mixed conditions likely to be encountered on the route.  I may drop a bag or two depending on what extra clothing or food I decide to bring.  I got it figured that a seat bag probably won't slow me down too much though.

These tires on the Rolling Darryl rims are a nice fit.  We've set these up on the 65mm Marge Lites, which they look perfect on.  If I had a set of wheels built with those on them I'd probably run those on this race, as they are over 200gms lighter per rim.

I really like these tires.  I was impressed when I rode them this fall, and I'm really looking forward to actually putting real miles on them!

Whether this race goes well for me or not, I know the weekend itself and the event should be a blast.  We hope many of you can join us in what promises to be a great time.


Anonymous said...

Very nice setup, the orange really 'speaks'. Nice bags and pogies too. What's the brandname of the pogies?


Steve Fuller said...

Look forward to seeing and meeting you at the event Ben. I'll be on the blue Mukluk. ;)