Sunday, January 01, 2012

Thank you.

I would like to take a bit of time to thank all of our friend's and customers for a phenomenal year in 2011.  Curtis and I are truly grateful for your friendship, business, and for all of the good times we've shared this year.   We held more rides this year than we ever have, and they were attended in greater numbers than they have been in year's past.  We were able to makeover nearly the whole shop last  year, making our business space much more refined and bright.  2011 brought us our best sales year ever, thank you for your patronage.  These and so many others made this last year special.  Thank you all for helping to make our year great. 

Along with all of the good, this year it was a year of tragedy.  Curtis and I lost three good friends this year.  They are sorely missed.  I would sincerely like to thank all of you who helped both Curtis and I through these times of struggle, I can't thank you enough.

Looking forward, 2012 is full of life and promise.   We are looking forward to many new opportunities both personal and professional.  There are many exciting things yet to come in the way of new products, new renovations to the shop, along with new rides and experiences to be had.  Mindful of things past and places been, we invite you to continue the ride along with us. 

Thank you all again, and here's to a great new year!


Guitar Ted said...

And thank you Ben and Curtis! You guys have been on a roller coaster emotionally and with regard to a fast paced changing business, and have come out on the other side intact. Not only that, but dare I say thriving?

Here's to a great future for both of you, your families, and for Milltown Cycles. Thanks guys!

James Fisher said...

Thank you too! The chemistry and the stars must be aligning just right.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to express my thanks and appreciation for everything you and Curtis do. You are both a plethora of knowledge, fun to hang out with at the shop and on rides, and also just happen to turn out some incredible bikes! Hope to get more rides in with ya next year.

Mark Weisgram

Ben said...

Thanks for the comments guys. It's folks like you that have made this year great!

A fine new year to you as well.