Sunday, January 29, 2012

Personal bikes up on the block.

To make room for many upcoming project this spring I am selling a few personal bikes. Rest assured all is well, and the things that are coming are stellar!

First up, my orange Mukluk. I really like this bike, but an opportunity came up and this one's got to go to take advantage of it. $2750 as pictured on our blog with Revelate frame bag, gas tank, and seat bag.

Second, my Salsa Casseroll. $1850 as pictured on our blog last summer save for the bags. Killer bike, 21lbs and a ripper. This is getting replaced by an amazing Ti Fargo Kanza machine.

Third, our tandem. $3300 with the White Brother's fork, $2800 with a rigid steel fork. Bars and seat posts/seat are negotiable on this one.

As I said, all for good reasons. Please email with any questions.


Jeremy said...

What! No Potts?

Ben said...

Nope, no Potts, no Pofahl's, no vintage bikes. Some really good deals though!

james said...

Hi Ben,
Can you give some details on the tandem? Size, brand, components.

Exhausted_Auk said...

What frame size is your Casseroll?

Ben said...

James, the tandem is sold.

EA, it is a 56cm frame with a 56.5cm effective top tube measurement. The build is featured here.

Anonymous said...

Did you sell the beautiful orange bike?

Ben Witt said...

I did not. Please contact me at if you'd like to chat about it.

Thank you, Ben.