Monday, January 23, 2012

Now the real work can begin.

We finally got our 1950 Chevy shop truck down to my father's garage.  Now the real work can begin to get the engine running properly.  The brakes all need a good going through, and then we'll be driving!  Just getting it here is a big step.  Things can happen pretty quickly now.   We're stoked.


Wally said...

Keep the blog updated Ben, I'm digging that old truck and can't wait to get up there later in the year for a drive around town in it!

Ben said...

Will do Wally. You'll like this a lot!

TGooz said...

This looks great, Ben! Are going to keep the current color, go with a standard 1950 color ( or perhaps a 'Milltown Cycles' color?

How is the interior look? Can you post some shots of that too?

Ben said...


I am planning on keeping it a stock color, as well as keeping the truck mostly stock.

The interior is in quite good shape. I believe it has been restored already, it's in too good of shape to be original. I'll put some photos of that up soon.