Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Custom Wheel Build: Ron's PC'd Rolling Darryl Build.

Ron approached us last week looking for a new wheelset for his recently acquired Ti Mukluk.  We had the red set of limited edition powder coated Surly Rolling Darryl rims in stock.  Working with those as the start of the project we set about getting them laced up.  Black Salsa Mukluk hubs were chosen for their great value for the dollar.  The color scheme was chosen to highlight the rim color as the focus of the bike.  It should compliment the subtle graphics of the Ti frame really well.

As this wheelset is going to be used for light trail/mtb use and Ron is a smooth rider we went with ultra light DT Swiss Revolution butted spokes connected to black brass nipples.  The bright stainless color plays very well with the black nipples and black rim strips against the bright red rims.  I really like the look of these.

These wheels have a classic car, hot rod look to them.  They should pair really well with Ron's existing parts.  I am really looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Have a great day folks.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Ron's wheels turned out nice, should look killer on his Ti Mukluk. Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

That looks curious: seems like the spokes start and end on the same side. Wouldn't you want left side flange connected to right side rim and vice versa?

Ben Witt said...

Cross lacing spokes as you suggest has been talked about before many times. In theory, it would be stiffer and stronger. In practice, it's almost impossible to get to work right, and offers little in the way of performance improvements over traditional lacing.

What is hard to tell from photos is the bracing angle of the spokes with these wider than standard hubs. These wheels build up quick strong and durable for what they are.