Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Night Ride

There s a chance of showers tonight, but for now the trails are dry and we plan to ride tonight.

We will be leaving the shop at 7pm.  People will start showing up from 6-6:30 to get ready.

Hope to see all who can make it here tonight.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eriksen Sweetposts are in stock.

 Eriksen titanium Sweetposts have arrived at the shop.  These are built in Colorado out of titanium just as Eriksen custom frames are.  The construction and design is top notch, and they are beautiful to look at.

Available in 27.2mm and 30.9mm sizes, these come in many lengths and offer a choice of anodized colors for seat rail clamps. The welds are gorgeous, and the bead blasted finish with polished logo is quite handsome. 

We have several of these in stock for purchase, or can have any of them made to suit in a week or two.

These make a perfect addition to any nice bike.  They are light weight, and offer a large comfort increase over traditional posts. Stop in and check these out for yourself, they are quite something.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Custom Bicycle Build: Jim's Surly Troll

This is the second Surly Troll we've built this spring for a guy named Jim.  Both of them are some of our favorite people here at Milltown, and the bikes are built right in line with parts and ideals we really like.


Jim wanted us to build him a bike very similar to his Big Dummy.  As with many of our frame up builds, this one starts with a great frame, the Troll, and great wheels.  Jim wanted an balanced seating position, durable yet light drive train parts, and an orange Brooks saddle.  All things easily done, and a heck of a package deal.  The bike will serve a few duties, from Jim's intro into mtb riding, to gravel and commuting.  It will round out his stable of his beloved, (formerly mine,) Surly Big Dummy, and a knobbie tired Steamroller very well!


The wheels in this case are build around DT's mid-level 370 hubs.  These are the same hubs that we built Matt's race wheels with a few weeks ago, and I am just as happy with them on this set.  They roll really well, they come with a normal steel cassette friendly freehub body, and the pawls work and sound great when riding.  We built these a little stouter than those wheels, starting with DT's medium weight XR 480 rims.  These are nice and wide at 28mm, and support tires very well.  They weigh right around 480gms, (clever name,) and they built up great.  The spokes we used are those Sapim Force butted spokes I like so much.  This combo should roll forever, and require very little maintenence.  They are show with Bontrager XDX 2.1" tires, some of my all time favorites for mixed condition mtb riding locally. 

Lots of sensible parts round out the cockpit and controls.  Ergon grips and a Surly Open bar provide a lot of stable comfort.  Brakes from Avid and Paul Thumbie shifters make for a great looking, wonderful performing set up.  This is the same set up as Jim's Dummy so transitioning from bike to bike will be quite easy.

The drivetrain is a mix of Shimano Hone and SLX parts.  These blend weight, price and performance really well.  They will be serviceable for years, and look great against the orange color of the bike.  The red and white decals on the hubs and rims really make the bike pop.   

This is a great bike.  We are excited to get Jim out mountain biking with us, and we're happy to have been able to get him a bike that should suit his needs really well. Stop by next Tuesday night if you'd like to see this bike in action!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Custom Wheel Build, Nathan's Edge/Industry Nine SS Wheels.

These wheels are for a good friend of mine.  He found a set of Edge AM 29er rims for a killer deal, and wanted us to build him a single speed wheel set with them.  These rims are nothing short of amazing.  They are 29mm wide, weigh 450 gms a piece, are as near to perfect round as you can get.  Edge, (now called Enve,) makes these by hand in the US, and the quality is unmatched by any other carbon rims I know of.  The stiffness of these rims is almost unfathomable, with strength to match.  Edge/Enve claim you can ride these with no weight limit for over 10 years, and I believe it.

Industry Nine is a wheel and hub manufacturer from Ashville, North Carolina.  All of their products are made in house and are top notch.  They easily match hubs from Chris King and White Industries in quality.  Available in a wide range of products in many colors.  These are their mountain single speed disc hubs.  They build into very strong wheels, and offer near instant pedal engagement.  In the time it takes for the chain to go taught, the wheel is engaged and moves forward.  In every way these match the rims and make for about as nice of a wheel set as you can build.

The Edge carbon rims are so stiff and strong that ultralight Sapim spokes can be used, even for a larger rider. This shot shows the huge 66mm flange on the rear hub.  It's a beautiful thing.

These really are stunning wheels.  They offer as much performance as you can get out of current technology.  The debate will always be there as to whether wheels this expensive are worth it or not.  At close to $2200, these are just about as expensive as you can get as well. I think in the end it's like anything else in this sport.  It probably won't make you faster, but if it makes the experience better and you can afford it, why not.  While I'd love to have a pair of these rims for my Potts, although I'm not sure about the affording it part.

For more info on Industry Nine products, see their website at www.industrynine.net

Product information on current Enve Composites products is available at www.envecomposites.com

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bontrager shoes in stock!

We've been looking forward to stocking bike shoes for a long time.  I'm happy to report that shoes from Bontrager are now in stock and ready to try on!  Along with an expansion into more cycling clothing this year, this marks yet another need of local cyclists we are now able to fulfill.

We have entry level and nicer pedals to match these as well.  Stop in and check out some shoes to get started, or ask us about nicer options for a great upgrade on your current bike!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

We will have out Tuesday night ride tonight in River Bend Nature Center in Faribault. We will leave at 7 pm from our back parking lot.

Hope you can make it. Have a great day!

Edit: We will be riding mountain bikes, not the gravel rides that we have been.  The trials are ridable on CX tires, but fatter is easier to ride there right now.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Custom Bicycle Build: Mark's Titanium Vaya Sport Tourer


Mark and I have been talking for some time about building him a touring bike.  The primer for this bike was to build a versatile, modern, well manner bicycle.  This bike will be used for gravel road riding, day trip and multi-day touring, and eventually a cross country trip in a few years. The bike needed to be built with robust enough parts to handle a well selected touring load, while not being ponderously heavy when riding unloaded.

Salsa's titanium Vaya was selected for the frame set of this bike.  The ride quality and fatigue life of titanium lends itself perfectly to a long life of cruising all manner of roads.  The geometry of the Vaya is what I would call a near perfect blend of traditional touring bike stability, while keeping the handling lively enough to not put you to sleep when the hammer's down.  The fit and finish of these ti Salsa frames is top notch.  It's makes a hell of start for a beautiful bike.


This bike in 55cm is beautifully proportioned.   The red Chris King color pops off the titanium background.  Traditional touches with the bar end shifters, natural color of the bar wrap, and honey Brooks B-17 Special really go well with the modern parts such as disc brakes and the ten speed Sram drivetrain.  Looks have every bit as much to do with customer satisfaction as performance on a build like this.  This bike looks as good as it will go. The steer tube is left uncut before a final fitting this week.


This bike puts money where it matters most in terms of components.  Starting with with gorgeous ti frame and steel fork this bike is built for the long haul, (pun intended.)  All parts that roll do so on fully rebuild-able Chris King bearings.  The wheels will roll, the cranks will spin, and the headset will turn almost forever. In addition to performing really well, all of these parts are just gorgeous. The wheels and tires those previously discussed here.

Beautiful Ti welds are complimented by the mirror smooth finish on the Chris King bottom bracket.

The drive train parts on this bike are put together with Sram's X9 group.  I really like these parts.  They perform at nearly as high of a level as Sram's more expensive XO and XX lines at a fraction of the cost.  They are durable, shift really well, look good, and are competitive in terms of weight to Shimano XT level parts.  Paired with Sram bar end shifters, this should be a very durable set up.

A semi-traditional bend handle bar from Bontrager is held in place by Salsa's gorgeous Promoto Ti stem. The Red King headset really pops on either end of the taller head tube, and matches Sram's shifter color very well.

I love the lines on this bike.  It just looks right. I like everything about it.  It's a near perfect build for Mark's intended use, and a great example of how we like to build bikes.  This bike has a killer frame and wheels, completed with solid, good looking dependable parts.  I wouldn't change a thing if I built it for myself.  

Happy Monday all.  Have a great week.