Thursday, December 08, 2011

Titanium Mukluks Have Arrived.

Salsa's long awaited titanium Mukluks have finally arrived at the shop.  It goes without saying that these are beautiful things.  I love the brushed Ti look.  The subtle media blasted finish on the Salsa logo is a wonderful compliment.

Geometry wise these are basically the same as standard Mukluks.  All parts will swap over easily, so if you have a current bike you'd like to upgrade that can be done quite simply.

Ti Mukluks feature Salsa's excellent Alternator dropouts.  These allow for dead simple chain tensioning for use as a single speed, or chain stay length adjustment on geared use.  The bikes are shipped with the SS dropout installed.  They come with the geared dropout as well.

Welds are top notch on these US built frames.  The seat tube cluster is particularly photogenic.

These represent the pinnacle of fat bikes currently available.  It simply doesn't get any better than this.  For those wondering, there is a hugely noticeable difference in ride quality between these and the standard alloy Mukluks.  These offer a light, springy feel that the alloy Muks simply don't offer.  It is noticeable even taking into account the low tire pressures.  These are hands down as good as it gets.

Mukluk Ti frames come standard with Salsa's Enabler fork and a Pewter Salsa seat clamp.  Price on these is $2099.99.  We have medium and large frames available in the store.  Other's are order able on request.  


B said...

Very nice. what's with the horizontal weld on the seat tube? is it two piece?

Ben said...

That is correct, it is a two piece seat tube, thicker at the top, thinner on the bottom. Many Ti frames are constructed this way, including bikes from Steve Potts.

niffenej said...

Has Milltown Cycles already sold out of these? From what I have seen these frames are rare, which makes me wonder if Salsa is only doing a limited run of these frames.

Ben said...

We still have medium and large frames in stock. Others are available on request.