Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Custom Bike Build: Mike Pofahl's Pofahl.

Mike Pofahl stopped by last weekend with his new drop bar fat bike.  It's construction is similar to the bike he made me last year.  This bike is truly a stunner.  This bike will eventually have a Pofahl fork and matching custom stem once the position is dialed.

Full internal cable routing to the rear is gorgeous.  Smooth fillet brazing is complimented by the classy gray paint.

Another angle.  Love the head tube reinforcing rings.

Paragon Machine Works dropouts are super clean looking.  These are the same dropouts that I have on my bike.  I love the aesthetic.

This is another great bike from Mike.  I love how it turned out, and he loves the ride with the fat wheels!  I'll throw some photos up of the updated build when he gets the fork and stem made.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea as it combines 2 things I love: fat bikes and drop bar mountain bikes.

That being said.....how are ya'll keeping your hands warm?? I need pogies come winter!

Ben said...

I love my drop bar fat bike. I too struggled with keeping my hands warm sans pogies though. Mike and I have been looking at the inexpensive pogies we have in the shop. I think with the addition of a triangle shaped panel added to the back seam of them they will fit over Woodchippers quite nicely. We're working on this now, I'll update with a post when they are done!

MG said...

That is an amazi g machine... I too would love a drop bar fatty.