Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Custom Bike Build: Mark's Ti Mukluk

Mark approached us late this summer wanting a go fast Ti Mukluk.  He owns a standard Mukluk, liked the handling, but wanted a lighter bike built with top shelf parts.  After careful deliberation Mark decided to keep his current bike and go ahead with this build.  We decided to add Big Fat Larry's to his current Mukluk for full float capability.


This bike was to be built with excellent parts throughout.  The goal was to build a bike with very light wheels shod with 3.8" tires, a killer drive train, good brakes, and top shelf contact points.  The sum of all these parts is impressive to say the least.  This bike flat out kills it.


Any build starts with a frameset of course.  Here a medium Salsa Mukluk Ti is mated to a White Brother's carbon fork.  A Sotte Voce Kind headset rounds out one of the nicest framesets you can put together.

Handlebar set up is also visible in this photo. A Truvativ Stylo stem holds a Salsa Promoto Carbon handlebar.   Shifting is handled by Shimano Dura Ace shifters and Paul Thumbie mounts.  Brakes are Avid's excellent XO hydraulics.

Up front a Shimano XT double derailleur looks and works great with The e13 fat bike crank and e13, 32t-22t stock rings.  I love the brushed titanium finish against these sharply machined black parts.

Ti Mukluks use a cable saddle on the seat tube instead of a cable stop.  The cable housing runs full length down to the derailleur itself.  This is really clean looking, and works great.

No step.

One of the crowning pieces of this build is a gorgeous Brooks B17 ti.  These are nearly half a pound lighter than a standard B17, and they are just gorgeous.  I have one of these on my Potts single speed, it's the most comfortable saddle I've ever used.  It's the perfect saddle to top this wonderful build.

This is certainly the nicest fat bike we've had leave the shop.  It's built with high quality, sensible parts.  The frame should last darn near forever, and the ride quality is pure velvet.  Even with the Brooks and inexpensive flat pedals this bike weighs in at 30lbs, 11oz.  Not too shabby at all.


Herringbone said...

I hope you don't mind. I know more about jumpshots than bikes. But this is such a together post, I wanted to comment. Passion palpable. Description exquisite.

Ben said...

Thank you sir, I appreciate the compliment greatly.

adin said...

wonderful build. As I await my Selma Ti to arrive, blog posting such as this keep me satiated.

Aside from the bling factor, how well suited is a carbon fork for this bike? I am on the fence between carbon and steel for my Selma, which though not fat, will perhaps have similar ride characteristics. Any input you have would be appreciated.


Ben said...

Adin, thanks for the comments.

Carbon forks have a few properties that generally make them at home on any type of rigid bike. They are often some of the lighter forks available. This White for instance is well over half a pound lighter than the Enabler it replaces. They also are generally smoother riding than steel or aluminum rigid forks. there are exceptions to this of course, but often times they add comfort. That is the case with this fork. It's light and comfy. It's also rather expensive, but oh so pretty.

I would take a hard look at the Whisky tapered steer tube carbon fork for your Selma build. We're really liking how these ride, and it would look amazing on the Ti Selma with the big 44mm headtube and oversized DT. We have matte versions of these in stock if you are interested in checking one out.

adin said...

Thanks for your thought on that. Those Whisky forks indeed look very nice- the matte seems a perfect fit for the ti.

Ill need to see where my build comes in at before I can budget for that. And if my local dealer can't get one quick, Ill give you a call.

MG said...

This will be the perfect ride for him...