Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Red and Blue Salsa Fat Bike Hubs.

Salsa's fat bike hub sets are now available for aftermarket purchase.  These come with color matched skewers and offer a great base to build fat bike wheels with.  They are Salsa's higher end, quad sealed bearing hubs and feature alloy axles and rebuild able free hub bodies.  These would be a great place to start a build from, or would make for a great beginning for a second winter or summer wheel set for your Fatback or Mukluk.


RideFat said...

Ben - what's the MSRP on the hubs? What would you recommend for a nice Mukluk-friendly wheel and what would be the approximate cost (symmetrical build w/ Salsa hubs, Rolling D hoops, DT spokes)?

Ben said...

RF, the hubs sell for a bit under $300.

A build like you are talking about would run about $675 for drilled Darryls, these hubs, silver butted Sapim spokes, and labor. DT spokes would be about $10-20 more depending on color and nipple choice. All of those items are in stock, or could be had quickly. Build time would be about one business week.