Friday, November 04, 2011

Enve Carbon Road Fork.

Parts are slowly coming in for a Steve Potts road bike build.  One of the biggest ones came in today.  Enve Composites makes the nicest carbon stuff around, period.  The fit and finish, overall quality, and performance are just first rate.  Their fork is a perfect pairing for a Potts road bike. 

We went with their 2.0 version for this build.  At 375 grams it's frighteningly light, but still quite stiff.  Their 1.0 model is even lighter, and is stiffer than this fork.  The softer ride quality is what we were looking for.  The weight is still very light, and the matte finish will match the Potts' matte finish very well.  

The overall appearance of the fork is quite trim.  The fork lists a max tire size of up to 32mm actual measurement, something I really like as well.  A quality tire in 27-28mm would be perfect in here in my opinion.  

The bold graphics manage to be understated.  I really like how they look.  It's just enough without being gaudy.  

Enve forks molded carbon dropouts.  The legs are seamlessly connected, the whole fork looks like it flows together. 

This will be attached to the frame using this black Chris King Sotte Voce headset.  It should make for a stunning frame set that will last a very long time.  

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Very nice!