Thursday, November 17, 2011

Duluth Cruise Photos

I got a chance to ride this weekend in Duluth, MN.  I love Duluth.  I love the water, the scenery, the hills, and the people.  Duluth just has a great feel to it.  It's a relaxed town with lots of access to the outdoors as well and has a thriving art community.  There are a lot of bikers, hikers, canoeists, skiers and all sorts of outdoors people.  It's my kind of place for all kinds of reasons.

One of my favorite types of riding is the town cruise.  There is nothing quite like bombing around town.  I love casually picking my way through downtown, into residential areas.  My Duluth ride started up on the hill just west of Hermantown.  The roads up there are almost all dead smooth, fresh pavement. The new Challenge tires at 70psi just floated along.  Heading down the hill I made my way to Skyline Parkway, a gorgeous curving road that winds along above the lower part of the city.  I love this road.  

Pedestrian bridge heading down to Canal Park and the lake.

Fair weather on a beautiful bike makes for a happy me.

Bike path under Interstate 35.  Nice lines and light.

Love this shot.  The lake is simply gorgeous.  I really enjoy spending time down by the water.

This is an actual street in the middle of Duluth.  It's rough as a cob, narrow as any gravel around here, and a blast to ride on.  The big tires made this totally do ride able.  I would have been cringing on the 23c tires I had on this. Riding a sub 18 lb bike both up and down these hills is a dream.  It handles great, goes up hill like a goat, and still maintains a high level of comfort and control.

Saw this guy on my way through town.  Big ole deer for sure.  Looks like a nice 8 pointer.  I hope I can see one like this next weekend!

For those of you who have never been to Duluth I highly recommend a trip up.  The town itself offers a ton of recreational opportunities, and the riding of all types is stellar.  I can't wait until I can go back.  Next time we make it up there it'll likely be snowy, and I'll have my Mukluk with.  That will open all sorts of new riding possibilities as well!

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Herringbone said...

Really nice! Looks and sounds like a great town.