Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Custom Bike Build: My Mukluk.

My Salsa Mukluk is finally finished.  I've been planning to get a Mukluk for a long time now.  This time last year I had a blue frame coming in for myself.  I ended up selling my frame to a local customer.  He's quite happy with it.  That prompted my to have Mr Pofahl build up my current drop bar fat bike.  I've been quite happy with that!  

When this year's Mukluk 2's rolled out I again had a frame and fork come in for myself.  Once again I sold that due to high demand.  This left me in a bit of an interesting position.  I wanted a Mukluk and had all the parts to build it.  Blue's a perfectly good Mukluk color, but there are now a bunch of those out there.  A solution to this was easily found at my local powder coating shop!

Shazam!  One non-standard Mukluk.  

The color is a very bright orange with a gold metal flake clear coat.  It looks amazing in person, and it harder than heck to photograph.  The contrast against the all black components and the black Revelate bags is awesome. 

Drivetrain set up on this bike is a 2x8 with a 10spd Sram set up.  The shifters are Sram TT style bar ends with Paul Thumbie thumb shifter mounts.  I really like this set up so far.  Shifting is great and the range of the 15t-36t cassette seems really good.  The brakes are Avid XO hydraulic discs.  Bar is a Salsa Promoto Carbon with a Salsa Promoto Ti stem.  Grips are my favorite, Dimension cork.  

Little 140mm rotor, big black Salsa hub, little DT Swiss spokes, big 36t cassette cog!

Big Fat Larry's on 80mm drilled Rolling Darryl rims should be about optimal for all around winter conditions.  

I love how this bike turned out.  I look forward to bombing around on it, snow or no snow!  It's time to rip it up!


Herringbone said...

I don't know a lot about this stuff. I like riding bikes and I like style. Nice work.

Captain Bob said...

Are you kidding me! I was just talking tonight with Alan about my dreams of an orange mukluk.....this might be the closest I get to one. Really amazing bike there Ben! Really!!

Doug said...

That's a sharp looking Mukluk.

Frank said...

Looking great: fat ánd orange! Nice contrast indeedl

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What's a powder coat job like that cost? Could you do a post about the pros/cons of powder coating and painting?

GNAT said...

Ben, that thing is beautiful. You know I love Orange bikes, but there is one color I like better. It's Ti color! ;)

All joking aside, that thing is hot.

Ben said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm really liking the bike so far, it's exactly what I hoped it would be.

This powder job with bead blasting was about $175. Powder coating is generally more durable than painting, but paint done right can look better.
These guys do such a good job that PC'ing on a bike to be used like this is my go to choice.

Anonymous said...


Are those the super-thin Tioga pedals? What do you think of them?


Troy P. said...

I couldn't decide between Orange or Green.......I guess its Green for me!
Great build and color choice Ben!!!

Ben said...

Nate, these are VP pedals, not the Tioga ones. I like them overall. They are thin and quite comfy. I may screw in some longer studs as the stock ones are fairly short. Other than that they are great.

Troy, orange is a great color, green is also one of my favorites as well. Either way, have a reputable shop do it and I'm sure you'll be pleased!

Bethany said...

LOVE your bike. Been looking at one for awhile but haven't been able to quite justify it but you may have changed my mind. The orange sets off the frame beautifully and you have a classic one-of-a kind bike.