Thursday, October 13, 2011

Salsa Mukluk 2

Salsa's Mukluk 2's have arrived.  These are an great looking bike.  They share the same frame and fork as the 2011 Mukluk 3, but are anodized for corrosion resistance.  The frames end up being a bit lighter as a result too. The forks get what Salsa calls an ED coating, a dip applied finish that coats the inside of the tubing as well for corrosion resistance.  At first look these are stunning.  They just look fast and mean.

The black with red highlights really jumps out at you.  The matte finish of the frame and fork match the Salsa and Surly components really well.  The overall appearance of the package is awesome.

I love the trees on the fork legs.  This is the same graphic as on the blue, but the contrast of bright red on black makes it pop more.  Even out of focus, the red bits around the bike really draw your eye around.

Love these.

The Mukluk 2 is speced with go fast e13 cranks.  Though the spec on these bikes is with a triple in the front, we remove the 44t big ring and add a Salsa Ring Dinger instead.  Fat bikes should be doubles, enough said.  We will or course add the 44t ring back on on request.  Honestly it's like a third nipple on these bikes though, it's just not needed and gets in the way.

Custom WTB Pure V saddles with red Salsa accents are a nice touch.  I love this saddle as well.  These and the WTC Silverado's are available aftermarket in Salsa trim as well.  We will have these on the wall for sale very soon.

The big money upgrades on the Muk 2's are the much lighter drilled Surly Rolling Darryl rims shod with120tpi Surly Larry and Endomorph tires.  Most of the Muk 2's weight savings over the Muk 3 is here.  It is a noticeable difference while riding.  

Overall these are great bikes.  They look good, offer a great performance upgrade, and are quite reasonably priced.  These are to be considered limited edition, as they are made in much smaller quantities than the Mukluk 3's.  We have 3, 17" bikes in stock for sale, and one 19" bike in stock for sale.  These are likely all we will be able to get, (in these sizes,) for the near future.  If you are interesting in one don't hesitate!


Wally said...

Still very glad I took a pass and went the way we did on mine. To each his own but that just looks too gaudy to me.

Brad said...

Ben - the Mukluk 2 as spec'd is an excellent bike and a great buy. Having now met you, ridden with you, and toured the shop, I can definitely say you are extremely knowledgeable about fatbikes. I hope people from within and outside Faribault check out Milltown and talk to you about buying a fatbike this year if they've been sitting on the sidelines giving it some thought. The write-up on the Muk 2 was nice - keep it coming!

Jerry said...

love the color of that frame. thanks for stopping by and showing it to me yesterday.

Errin said...

I love my blue Mukluk, but if I had the choice I'd have gotten the black. It looks mean!

I disagree about losing the big ring though. I'm using my big ring all the time out here in LA. I'm even looking into doing a century on mine. I wouldn't give it up. We don't have that pesky white stuff to worry about though.

Kevin said...

Curious why you chose the Ring Dinger Guard over the Tooth Fairy Bash?

Ben said...

Kevin, the Tooth Fairy is a rather robust bash guard. It's quite heavy, and built specifically to run into things. The Ring Dinger is a fair bit lighter, and still serves the function of keeping loose clothing out of the chain, and protecting the ring in the event of hitting a log or such. Tooth Fairy's are nice set ups, but are quite a bit overkill for this application in my mind. They are of course always an option should our customers wish.

Kevin said...

Thanks for clarifying Ben. Have a Great New Year!