Thursday, October 27, 2011

New cold weather head ware.

It's that time of the year.  Heads and ears are cold, and soon faces and necks will need to be protected.  We recently got in two head ware pieces that everyone should own.  The first is a brimmed cap from Bontrager.  This has really nice flat sewn seams throughout.  They fit well, look nice, and the construction is great. The ear flaps can be flipped up, and is a slightly thicker material than the main head piece.  These are going to be great for running around town, longer rides, or just wearing around a cold bike shop!

The flap portion of the hat is really nice.  You can see the thicker bottom seam in this photograph.  It cups the back of your head really well.  This should seal things up nicely.  Reflective section on the back is a nice touch, though I don't know how visible it's going to be under a helmet.

The other piece we received is a really nice balaclava from Bontrager.  This is something everyone should own.  Not biking specific, I'll be using this as my basic layering piece for everything this winter.  Sharing similar construction to the cap above, this features flat sewn seams throughout.

The biggest selling point of this balaclava is the portion of the mask that covers your face.  Rather than being part of the larger construction, it is attached towards the back of the mask.  This allows you to adjust how much of your face is covered without stretching or pulling on the rest of the mask.  For those of you who have for years fought with that problem this is a godsend.

Shown below is the face mask portion pulled down over my chin.  Notice how the main seam of the upper part follows the brow line down under the chin.

Below the face mask is dropped completely under my chin.  In this position the mask is loose and in no way pulls on your neck, chin, or anywhere else.  This is unlike any other balaclava I've used.  It feels great.  I can't wait to use it this winter!

These are just two of the new winter and cold weather accessories we've gotten in over the last week.  Stop in and get ready for the coming cold!

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you need to make a run to the bank dressed as in #3