Friday, September 02, 2011

This week's gravel.

This week I've gotten some killer rides in out and around Valley Grove and just north east of Northfield towards Cannon Falls.  Some rides I've been solo, others have been with Jerry of Monkey See, Monkey Read in Northfield.  With the exception of a few spots of crazy sketchy fresh gravel, the roads are in great shape.  Things have been dry for a while so dust is a bit of an issue if the wind is down.

Jerry and I got out on a fine little ride this past weekend.  We headed out towards Cannon Falls under lightly overcast skies.  High Plains Trail is one of my favorite roads in the area, and it didn't disappoint.  The road is aptly named.  It winds along one of the little plateaus between Northfield and Cannon Falls, but is mostly flat.  It's pretty little field country and it's really quiet.  The day started out quite chilly.  52 degrees had me in wool and knickers and Jerry in long sleeves.

In the middle of the valley just over the hills from the Carleton Windmill we were chased by a legitimately three legged blue healer.  It was surprisingly fast.  Good dog.

Did I mention it has been dry lately?  I love the fine dust build up on the brakes, particularly the straddle wire and hanger.  The cable has it's own thickness of dust on it, and it's actually built up to a point.  The dust on the hanger is also similarly layered.  I am making short work of getting this bike filthy.  It's fun.

Jerry had to break away at about 9am.  I lazily headed home to discover I had locked myself out of the house.  Rather than wake up my lovely waking wife I decided to head out for another 25 miles or so.  I headed out for some hills and some hang out time at Valley Grove Church.  The roads up here are just about dead white gravel.  It's great looking and super fast.

There is a great little road that runs along the upper rim of the valley.  Looking down at the idyllic hay bales make me really want to live out here.  Who wouldn't want to wake up to this every morning?  I love it out here.

The subtle clouds over the rolling corn fields were really cool.  There's a huge tree down in the center of the fields.  I'm sure it was impressive looking in it's day.

It's hard to beat Valley Grove for picturesque country church scenery.  There are a whole bunch of churches in the area.  Might be a good theme for a ride someday.

With that it's been a great week of riding.  Mr and Mrs Guitar Ted will be making there way up here this weekend.  I very much look forward to riding with both of them.  It should make for more great photos and a bunch of saddle time.

Happy Friday all, have a safe and happy weekend.


blackmountaincycles said...

Great looking ride! But asleep at 9:00? Sure would like to try some gravel roads like those sometime.

Ben said...

Sunday morning is Meg's one day she gets to sleep in. I'll gladly give her that. Her body clock is about 4 hours off of mine. She'd gladly sleep until 10, and stay up til 1. I'm more of a 7 to 10 kind of guy. It works out for us. She gets to sleep in, and I get free time to do whatever. We usually meet up at 10:30 or so and have breakfast together and start the day. It works well.

We need to work a vacation swap. I'll bring my bike out and ride with you, and you can bring your bike out and ride with me!

Jerry said...

It sure was a great ride Ben. that dog surprised me with it's speed. I'm looking forward to riding with Julie out there. I think she'll love it.

Christopher Tassava said...

Beautiful ride! It's been too long...

Anonymous said...

Are you organizing any gravel rides this fall? I really enjoyed the fall tour last year.