Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hitting the rocks.

Curtis and I are around bikes a lot.  We work on bikes, ride bike, think about bikes probably more than is healthy sometimes.  It probably doesn't surprise many of you that some time away from bikes is more than needed from time to time.

Last Monday Curtis and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to go rock climbing with Mike Pofahl.  Mike is an accomplished custom bike builder, and also has been climbing in all forms for decades now.  While Curtis and I are new to the sport seriously, we've climbed off an on since Boy Scouts years ago.

Curtis getting after it.

Mike running the ropes.

Me up the wall.

Needless to say we had a great time.  It's a totally different kind of work out than riding a bike.  It's kind of a quiet, contemplative type of physical labor.  I thoroughly enjoy it, and can't wait to get out again.  A huge thanks to Mike for his expertise, time and guidance.  

Happy Wednesday all.  Take care.


Captain Bob said...

Sweet! I should lose 30 more pounds and try it sometime!

Ben said...

Nah, just come do it now! It's more leg strength than you'd think, and you have that down just fine. We aren't much good at it, but it's sure fun.

Anonymous said...

I heard Mike can ski down a mountain and climb back up with snowshoes.

Ben said...

Most of the time they would use climbing skins on their telemark skis, but yes, he does go up mountains and then ski down them in back county areas. He's a pretty cool guy.

Johnnymac46 said...

Ben it sounds like we will have to get our climb on when I'm home again. Where did you go?

Ben said...

John we were in Red Wing at Barn Bluff. Let me know when you're coming next, it'd be a blast.