Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Back in gear and ready to move forward.

So, long time no blog post.  I am sorry about that.

This year has brought with it some of the biggest personal struggles I've ever had to deal with.  The last few weeks have been yet another chapter in that story.  All I can say along those lines is that things have stabilized, things are settling down, and we are getting back to some semblance or normalcy again.

That said, it's back to regular posting as of today.  Thanks for your patience and concern, have a great day.


Captain Bob said...

Good to hear things are looking up for you.

Ben said...

Thanks Rob.

Wally said...

I know of few of those struggles and figured something was up since you post far more often....that all said I'm glad things are looking up and the "old" Ben is back!

Guitar Ted said...

Ben: No need to apologize, Sir. I certainly understand the need to "un-plug" for a bit and take care of things that really matter.

Hope to catch up with you again soon, my friend!

jim C said...

The world breaks everybody - the key is to come back stronger at the broken places.