Thursday, May 05, 2011

Custom Wheel Build, Nathan's Edge/Industry Nine SS Wheels.

These wheels are for a good friend of mine.  He found a set of Edge AM 29er rims for a killer deal, and wanted us to build him a single speed wheel set with them.  These rims are nothing short of amazing.  They are 29mm wide, weigh 450 gms a piece, are as near to perfect round as you can get.  Edge, (now called Enve,) makes these by hand in the US, and the quality is unmatched by any other carbon rims I know of.  The stiffness of these rims is almost unfathomable, with strength to match.  Edge/Enve claim you can ride these with no weight limit for over 10 years, and I believe it.

Industry Nine is a wheel and hub manufacturer from Ashville, North Carolina.  All of their products are made in house and are top notch.  They easily match hubs from Chris King and White Industries in quality.  Available in a wide range of products in many colors.  These are their mountain single speed disc hubs.  They build into very strong wheels, and offer near instant pedal engagement.  In the time it takes for the chain to go taught, the wheel is engaged and moves forward.  In every way these match the rims and make for about as nice of a wheel set as you can build.

The Edge carbon rims are so stiff and strong that ultralight Sapim spokes can be used, even for a larger rider. This shot shows the huge 66mm flange on the rear hub.  It's a beautiful thing.

These really are stunning wheels.  They offer as much performance as you can get out of current technology.  The debate will always be there as to whether wheels this expensive are worth it or not.  At close to $2200, these are just about as expensive as you can get as well. I think in the end it's like anything else in this sport.  It probably won't make you faster, but if it makes the experience better and you can afford it, why not.  While I'd love to have a pair of these rims for my Potts, although I'm not sure about the affording it part.

For more info on Industry Nine products, see their website at

Product information on current Enve Composites products is available at


Soupboy said...

Good god man.

Ben said...

Can you give me, us, a run down of Sapim vs. DT Swiss spokes?

Captain Bob said...

I like those a lot! So, what was the final weight?

Ben said...

Ben, I love Sapim spokes. Quality and selection wise they match DT very well. I don't think they are nicer than DT, but I think they are at least as nice. I like the shape of the Sapim nipples more, they exit the spoke holes more inline with the spoke as compared to DT. The biggest difference from DT to Sapim is the customer service and ease of purchasing. DT sells spokes in preset numbers in boxes. Sapim sells spokes singly. For a small time wheel builder like myself, that allows me to offer their higher end spokes and to order spokes for exact wheels I am building at the time. For you the customer it means that I can offer a wider range of spokes at competitive prices. It also make it easy to get exact replacement spokes should you need them at any time. In general, I'm very happy with Sapim stuff. I wish I had listened to friendly advice from wheel builder friends and switched sooner. I should say that I still stock and build wheels with spokes from DT, but for one off builds with special spokes, I've been using Sapim stuff more and more.

Bottom line is they are really nice spokes and the company structure is much easier to deal with.

These ended up weighing 1800gms on the nose. That may seem like more than they should, but keep in mind the rims only weigh 450 gms, and the spokes are crazy light as well. Nice as the Industry Nine hubs are, they are not ultralights.

Nathan said...

Looks Flexy.


I really can't wait. Seriously. I'll send some built-bike pic's for followup.